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Islamic pages do more harm than good

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I noticed that many of my friends are always sharing posts by "Islamic pages" posts which claim to be Hadiths even though they aren't and what's even more dangerous is the fact that they are being shared by thousands of people who believe that just because it was posted by a certain page, it has to be true.



We need to be careful when it comes to such pages, just because someone puts the prophet's name at the end of a post, doesn't mean the prophet ( PBUH) actually said it.


Also if you see any posts that start or end with something like this:


"If you're a real Muslim then share"


"if you love Allah,Muhammed,Islam then share"


"Don't let the devil stop you"


those kind of statements or threats have nothing to do with Islam, and sharing doesn't mean you'll go to heaven just like not sharing wont send you straight to hel l!


You have nothing to prove, but let's avoid sharing any posts with such sentences to not encourage this kind of blackmail which is nothing but a pathetic attempt to get as many likes and shares as possible, while using Islam and people's faith.



"Whoever tells a lie against me intentionally, then (surely) let him occupy his seat in Hel l-fire."

[Sahih Bukhari - Book 03: Hadith 108]

~~~ Peace out ~~~

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JazakhAllah Khayr for posting this. Nothing should be read or posted unless it has an origin or isnad included. Even among the collections of hadith by well respected scholars of the past some were more lenient than others and published hadith that were questionable depending on if they could verify it some other way. On the internet are some sites posted by the Yahuddhi and some by deviant sects of Islam where they use this kind of emotional manipulation to get you to read or pass on their biddah and prop them up in doing it. It is always good to beware of this. I as a "new" Muslim am especially vulnerable so I have had to be careful and protect myself. There is so much sahih material it is like a sickness for some to use anything else.

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