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If a fair resolution was reached between Palestinians and Israelis; would you vote for Peace with Israel?

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I read this today and it made me wonder, would Arabs vote for it?


You as a Muslim, would you vote for peace with Israel if they were to offer Palestinians a "fair" deal?



What exactly would qualify as a "fair resolution" between the two?


Or should the Jews just leave Palestine?



What do you think?



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My opinion about this is that I would not trust Israel to do anything fair. They are enjoying the biggest land grab in the recent history of mankind and they have always shown that they have no plans to do anything but continue with this agenda. They only make noises like they are going to talk but they never really get down for serious discussion. All of the Presidents of the US who have been in office since World War 2 have tried to get the 2 sides together for talks except George W Bush who supported Israel 100% and Ronald Reagan who was senile and sick anyway. With all of these attempts you would imagine there would be some progress but if you look at what happens Israel pulls out at the last minute making noises like Palestine wants to wipe them off the face of the earth. Then Israel goes back to building nuclear weapons and building up the biggest military in the Middle East while they continue with settlements and grabbing land illegally from Palestine. Where's the hope with this going on? And I'm always left wondering who would be fool enough to try and talk after this poor previous performance? Palestine has always been open to negotiating , but, as they say in the USA, there is no negotiating with terrorists. 

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