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What we can learn from Thatcher

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As you know Margaret Thatcher, the first woman prime minister of Britain has passed away today. She was well known for her strong conviction and stance on the issues of the day. I just wanted to share two points which I believe we could learn from her.


- Professionally, she worked hard for her country. Totally devoted to defending her country and with utmost conviction. The policies she put in place back then are still affecting the country to some degree today.Right or wrong, he good well-intentioned decisions could never be in doubt.


- Personally, she was a strong woman. She has been described as a feminist by those who worked close to her. But not in the sense of the meaning today. She achieved her aims and ambitions without parading naked waving her underwear around. If feminists ever wanted a role model - well here she is.


Love her or loathe her, and there are many reasons to loathe her as well, she deserves respect for her achievements.


Here is a somewhat comical clip which shows her determination in going through with large scale privatisation in order to stimulate growth when unemployment had reached 2 million+.




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