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We grew up, didn't we?

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I was going through our old topics and posts and I couldn't help but notice the difference, we actually grew up!




I don't mean we got older, I mean we are wiser now.



Do you feel like you are more mature now than you were three years ago?



While reading our old replies,   I realized that we are getting all "grown upy" lol. Don't get me wrong, we still like to play, tease and joke around but we have matured.



How are you different today from the person you were when you first joined E-DZ?






Today I have a job, am going to study what I really want, I know what I want to do in life and who do I want to spend it with (Insha'Allah), am still very passionate about everything I do and care too much about the rights of those who can't speak for themselves but am more patient now and I don't get angry as fast as I used to. (Hamdulillah and Masha'Allah)



What about you guys?





~~~ Peace out ~~~

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Wa3likoum esslaam ou rahma, ca va ?


Lololololol same here!


I was reading through some old posts and thinking out loud, ''What?! No, no, no, no, that's not what I think''. Imo experience is a very strict teacher, gives you the test first, then the lesson. I have certainly learnt plenty in the past few years. C'est la vie. And hey, it's great being 20 :D


I think I'll create a timeline of my thoughts, would be interesting, to me at least.

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