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Ladies: continue school and work or start a family?

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Sometimes we reach a cross roads in our lives where we have to make a decision that will totally change the course of our lives. Once we are married and considering a family, should we stop our work and "throw away" our hard work in earning our degrees and education for the coveted position of housewive? 



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No we shouldn't throw away our hard work, work is not like school. Because not all women have to work but all women do need a degree. it doesn't mean she has to work but she does need to finish her studies first, especially in our time, education is a must.



As for working after you get married, I don't see the problem. I plan on working after marriage and even before marriage I have a job and it doesn't bother my future husband (Insha'Allah) at all, he's the one who encouraged me to follow my dreams and he pushed me to get a 2nd degree and not give up when I wanted to, so it's all about choosing the right husband.



When I ask him about working after marriage he always says it's up to me and it's my choice, he told me if you want to work then you can work and if you want to stay home then you can stay home, but he said if I stay home he will design a program for me so I don't get bored or lose the skills I have lol.




I think I want to work after marriage and keep using the skills I have and Insha'Allah improve them, some women want to stay at home and that's okay it's up to them, but I don't want to.



However, I think women who CHOOSE to stay at home don't throw away all their hard work, they could use it at home with their husband and children or start a community group for women and kids, there are many things they could do to use their skills and hard work even if they do stay at home.




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Mothers are the first and most important educators of their children, alhamdullilah.

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