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Princess Diaries

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i'm pretty sure most of you have seen the movies, one and two.. well i had the series before the movies came out and compared to the books - the movies SUCKED big time.

i know, your probably thinking princess books? okay but they really are good... i know people who don't read unless completely necessary (assignments) and even then they use sparks note or some related site..and they've liked the books..

the series is by Meg Cabot and they're more of a light read.. they dont have a complicated plot or anything.. pretty straight forward and something you would want to read if you just want to replace the t.v with something that doesnt need too much thinking yet interesting and funny
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i've read one of her books when i was in year 6 or 7
was good at that time smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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