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Reading the Qu'ran

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Imagine trying to memorize at a football game? Tough, huh? How about a theme park

I find that diturbing lol

We've all heard the advice of uncles that you have to eat Badams (almonds) to improve memory. Well, I'm here to tell you that the uncles were right! The food you eat, the drinks you drink, directly affect your ability to excel in memorization of the Qur'an.
Do not eat fatty, unhealthy food. Do not drink soda. Eat a nutritious light breakfast, a nutritious light lunch, with almonds for snacks during the day. Subhan Allah, you will find you accomplish much more in your day.

Yessss, Baklawa :D

p.s. barakallahu feeki sis. good advices.
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haha she started to sound like shes givin a healthy diet plan for someone that wants to lose weight :P but thix for the advice sis.
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hey bro you stop eating baklwa inshallah lool
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