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What happened to Algerian Personality?

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salam Alikom,



Usually, when we say Algerian, it does not mean a nationality only, no, it's more than just your nationality. Being Algerian is a whole way of life, culture, history, especially the different crises this country has been through. We called "the golden generation" (al jil dahabi) on facebook the people that are born during the 80s, that have watched taxi makhfi, and remember the yellow shampoo bottle, played outside in dust, went to the peach with no shoes, played with these little cars made of wood which some of us call "lourifa" or "lorma" , waited captain Majid three days to see him shooting,watched dead people on television and thought it was a normal thing and today are using iphones. (I'm sure I forgot a lot of things)



But today, there are those that are born after 1992 and who don't know much about their older brothers. Don't be offended, I am talking about a little minority who turned out to be a majority. These people have pictures on facebook with this Ronaldo's hair style (you know techwika) and errings and not a hain on his face, their faces are shaved to the point that they're irritated. They have pictures on facebook with roses and hearts where two boys hug each other or stick their heads together like lovers. They proudly show off with their alcohol bottles and their cigarettes and think they get girls easily, and what surprises me the most, are the girls who do give up easily to these creatures!



But that's not all, nop!


They are inordinately sensitive!

I have learnt to be proud of my origin and of being Algerian abroad when I see others acting like ladies because my brothers from my country will never be cowards

PS: I am not generalizing, I am speaking of a particular group that are growing in number quickly.


These people seem to know nothing of all the fights the Algerian has been through in order to survive. They don't know that by the late 80s people were waiting in lines to buy thing without even knowing what the goods were, because there was nothing else outside.

These people don't know what it is to live in the Algeria of the 1990s and go to a football match or a concert, have a girlfriend, or even go to a wedding! These were adventures.


These people do indecent things and feel offended when someone tells them that they are wrong, their defence? Swearing and insulting!


These people don't know how hard it was to be a postgrad at university before and when you tell them they don't have a level of a university student, they insult you again


These people act like girls and wear slim jeans and when you tell them it's wrong, they insult you again!


They don't protect their sisters, they think being strong is having a knife, they use expressions I don't know where they come from and what they mean, like pas de tahlab, ahki mlih sadiqi, moustacha, chinwi....etc.

They are.... They lack manliness! They don't even know what it is, and have a wrooooong definition of being a man!



I can't mention all the things that are wrong with them but I can simply say that they know nothing about being Algerian because they were raised by Star Academy and Arab Idol and Punisher (or whatever his name  is)


I only want to know one thing, where do they come from? 





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