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I'm not Algerian, but I'm dating one 😊

- - - - - birthday tradition cake

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Hi there!

He has a birthday coming up and I want to bake something for him and was wondering if you could help point me in the direction of a "birthday cake" or traditional birthday dessert in Algeria.


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Hello, Jen.


Sorry for the late response, I hope his birthday hasn't passed yet.


Well I'm not really good with the Algerian cuisine, but I usually make this at home and it's quite easy to make.






So, the one I make goes like this:


This will make you two or three plates of Tommina


1 cup of flour.

1 cup of semolina.

1 cup of ground chickpeas

3 tbsp of roughly ground peanuts/ almonds (whichever you prefer)

1 tsp of ground cinnamon 

200 g of margarine -I usually do it by eye, you might need to add more-

1 cup of honey (adjust it to your like, you can have more or less)


So basically bake the flour, semolina and ground chickpeas, you put the cup of flour in a pan and keeping stirring it till it gets golden brown, and you do the same for the semolina and the ground chickpeas.
And then put them all through a colander to get rid of any lumps, and into a bowl, melt the margarine and add it to the dry ingredients, mix it all, the mix should be a bit darker than what you originally started with and it should hold together nicely.

To that add the ground peanuts (you might want to leave some for decoration) and add honey, you should end up with something like a paste, thick and gooey. 

And finally put it on plates and use the ground cinnamon for decoration.


You can make it look quite festive, but I think it's better as a side dish since it's pretty heavy stuff.

So just make a birthday cake and make this as well.  :D








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There is also an apple/ almond cake with raisins that my husband loves. You can also just make a plain old cake! I'm sure that he will love anything you make for him. It may be easier to cook like an Algerian dinner and then an American dessert. Like, make some couscous or a marqa that he likes or something, then go from there. Hope it all goes well. 

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"Dating" an Algerian, hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

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