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Teens in Love

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You've probably heard of the teenage couple who committed suicide yesterday in Jijel. I call them teenagers because 18 and 20 youngsters in our days are still in teenage-hood, what do they know about the world? Nothing really!


I felt very sad for these kids and for their parents, the sadness they now feel, shyness and guilt because the girl apparently was getting married to another man. This made me think of all the "love" stories I read about on Facebook. Girls use Facebook as a way to confess and to tell people what they suffer in an anonymous way, it seems to be helpful, but the stories they tell make me wonder if we grew up in the same country.


These stories make me think that we live in a society where parents don't know how to speak to their children. Although our parents did not tell us about love relationships, we always knew how to act like adults. The new generations don't!



This is not the first time we hear of a girl unable to marry the man she loves in our society, but the first time we hear of a suicide after parents separated the lovers. In short, are we becoming bad parents? Are today's parents responsible enough and wise enough to raise children correctly?


PS: When I say "we" I do mean today's parents and future parents because things are only getting worse.