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USA's muslims and halal food.

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salam aleykoum everyone, 


I've been watching those past few days, videos on Youtube featuring young american muslims, which reminded me something about my trip to Atlanta. 


Back when I was in Atlanta, I remember going to a Mall and noticing muslim families eating at the Food Court. Being quite a rare view, I took interest in what they were eating, and it seemed to me like they were eating non-halal meat. 

As for the youtube thing. The youtuber in question, looked to me like a "good" muslim (I might have a wrong image about what a good muslim is supposed to be, but basically anyone not doing any harm to anyone, and fasting is a somewhat good one ) 


Long story short, I was wondering if it was a "normal" thing for muslim in the US to eat non-halal meat (given maybe the difficulty of finding some even in big cities ) ? 

I got this feeling from visiting the US. Maybe because I was mostly in the south... But even New York didn't seem like it had a lot of muslim shops... Or maybe they're not as obvious as in France. 


Anyway, I hope I'll get some answers ^^


thank you ! 

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This is interesting, I've only lived in Muslim countries so eating Halal meat wasn't even a question.

I think in the US you can find many vegan things which are Halal, like chocolate and stuff.

But as for the meat, I guess it's a bit harder..

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" in the US you can find many vegan things which are Halal etui samsung galaxy A3 housse galaxy A3"


You are right

Abu Daoud

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I'm from America and moved to Australia where I became a Muslim and a citizen. I found it easy in Australia in areas where there was a large Muslim population, but in other areas I would go vegan. Most Muslims in Australia were worried about keeping their diet Hallal.

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