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Letter to a disciple

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These last days I was feeling blue and sad. I was in need of words of wisdom to cheer me up. So I went seeking for them down the street in my favorite bookshop. There, on the shelf, a book was waiting for me. It was a thin, light book, but the title was meant for me: "Letter to a disciple". All I was looking for : advice from a wise master to clear my blurred sight and show me the way.

"Letter to a disciple", "Ayuha Eloualad" is a letter written by the Great Muslim Scholar Al Ghazali to one of his disciples who asked him to summarize to him all the knowledge he needed in his life. The book is full of advice to meditate on, beautiful poems and helpful supplications.
"Work for your terrestrial life in proportion to your location in it, and work for your afterlife in proportion to your eternity in it."

If you are feeling lost in need of a lead, if you are looking for a book that will address your inner soul, move you, touch your heart deeply and make you want to change. Well this book is for you. I regret that I have not read this book before. I missed so much.

Here is the book in pdf
More on ELGhazali


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thank u sis, inchallah i try to find it so i can read the whole thing smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
TamattuT nnegh machi ghir i waghrom
Tattali zang u yis wa Traffed' agastur."
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You are welcome my dear Chaouia
Here is the book but in english pdf file. You have to sign in to scribd to be allowed to download it.
here is an excerpt

My dear beloved son! You stayed awake at nights to continually rehearse (memorize/repeat) knowledge and sacrificed your sleep to study it. If your intention was to gain worldly (material) benefits and worldly prestige and status then:
“Fawailul Laka Thumma Wailul Laka.”
“There is sadness (woe) for you and again there is sadness (woe) for you.”
However, if your intentions were to establish (strengthen first in yourself and then in the rest) the Path to God (Deen) brought by Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), attaining moral uplift and civilization, and eliminating evil from your self then:
“Fatuba Laka Thumma Tuba Laka.”
“For you is the happiness and blessings and again for you is the happiness and blessings.”

There is also a beautiful poem about the love for God.
لقد هتفت في جنح الليل حمامة .......... على فنن وهنا و إني لنائم
كذبت وبيت الله لو كنت عاشقا .......... لما سبقتني بالبكاء الحمائم
وازعم أني هائم ذو صبابة .......... لربي فلا ابكي وتبكي البهائم
“At night, the dove sitting on the branch [of a tree] is calling on [to its Lord]
While I am in a deep sleep
By the Lord of the House of Allah(Ka’aba)! I am a liar! If I had been a true lover [of Allah]
Then the doves would not have won over me in weeping [in the pain of separation from my Beloved (Allah)!
Alas! I do not even wet my eyes [with tears] while claiming to love [my Beloved Lord!]
While the animals keep weeping [in their love for their Creator].”
In Arabic it is much better though.

In the same site scribd there is also "Muslims Character" by Imam al Ghazali



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Thank you so much sister... I really love Imama Al ghazali ra7imato allah 3alaih... he was a true genius when it comes to wisdom. A while back I found an arabic site which hosts lots of Islamic books I will try to look for it again maybe they'll have the arabic version