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salam everybody
I would like to introduce you to some Islamic podcasts, I am used to listening to, from iTunes. It is really an interesting media for knowledge.
Here are some khutba I advise you to download and listen to.
Podcasts from.
Zaytuna institute knowledge resource podcast and Alhambra production podcasts:All of them especially by Shaykh Hamza yusuf
A radical middle way. There you can find khotba by: Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, Dr Tariq Ramadan , Shaykh AbdelHakim Mourad, Dr Omar Faruq AbdAllah , Shaykh Hamza Yusuf…
These scholars are just great.

In the lecture by Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah he gave a hadith I never heard before. It was meant to Muslims living in non-muslim countries.

" Look at the hadith of one of the sahaba whose name was Fudaik. This man became Muslim and was living with people who weren’t Muslim. He decided to make hijra. But when he told his people that he was going to make hijra to the Prophet (saw), they said, “You’re a good man. All of us respect you You’re somebody that takes care of people. We don’t want you to leave, we want you here. We want you to be part of our society.” So Fudaik went to the Prophet (saw) and he told him his situation. The Prophet (saw) said, “Establish the prayer, pay zakat, abandon anything foul, and live amongst your people wherever you want.” Tthe narrator of the hadith, Ibn Hubban, said, “I think he also said, ‘If you do that you’ll be a muhajar. It’s as if you’ve migrated. ‘” So basically what the Prophet (saw) was saying was, “Be a British citizen. Be a citizen wherever you are.” Just be, and if they are not preventing you from practicing your religion, that hadith is permission from the Prophet to live amongst a people. But look at the conditions that he put upon Fudaik (that he prayed, that he paid his zakat, but also that he avoided wrongs and didn’t do anything evil because he has to be a mercy and that’s why it’s very important for him to be an example)."

Please do share Islamic podcast you find interesting.


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aishik sis that is very nice, and inchallah i will listen to them,
TamattuT nnegh machi ghir i waghrom
Tattali zang u yis wa Traffed' agastur."
The shawi woman isn't just for house work
She rides the horse and carries a sword.