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Ahmed Francis Joins The Revolution

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22 April 1956

Ahmed Francis was born in 1912 in Ghelizane. He studied Medicine in Paris and received his MD degree before he moved to Setif in 1942 where he started working.

His political activism began when he was a student at the faculty of medicine within the Association of North African Students. He, like Ahmed Boumendjel, was a member of a group which reflected on the Algerian situation.
Once back in Algeria, he became involved with the movement of Algerian rights (MAML: Mouvement des Amis du Manifeste et de la Liberte) headed by his relative Ferhat Abbas.

After the massacres of May 8th, 1945 he got arrested and transferred to a detention camp in the Sahara where he was jailed till 1946.

He then joined Abbas's UDMA (Democratic Union for the Algerian Manifest) movement which demanded Algerian civil rights and full equality with non-Muslim French. He's been a member, for the UDMA, of the Algerian Assembly until the revolution started.

Like his mentor, Ferhat Abbas, he didn't join the revolution until April 22nd, 1956. He was discouraged by increasing French political repression and encouraged by Abbas who dissolved the UDMA to join the FLN in Cairo.
After the Soummam Congress, and because Abane and Ben Mhidi wanted to reunite all the Algerian past leaders, Ahmed Francis was appointed as a provisional member of the CNRA (National Council of the Algerian Revolution).

Then he wandered around the world in Europe and South America defending the Algerian case. And in June 1958, he became the permanent secretary for the Maghreb Union in Tanger.

Ahmed Francis was the Economy and Finances minister of the first and second GPRA (Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic) between 1958 and 1961 and took part in the first Evian negotiations. But as political fighting increased with the independence approaching, Ferhat Abbas (and Ahmed Francis) lost their places in the third GPRA. He left the political scene until Algerian independence.

After independence, he joined (following Ferhat Abbas) the government of president Ahmed Ben Bella in September 1962; but resigned along with Abbas (again) in protest of the single party system.

Ahmed Francis moved to Geneva and died there in 1968.
Un homme se leva et demanda permission d'appeler les fidèles à la prière.
Permission lui fût donnée:
- Vous pouvez les appeler, tant que vous les appelez à Dieu et non à vous-même.
- Mais comment saurais-je la différence?
- Si ça vous dérange que quelqu'un d'autre les appelle à Dieu, c'est que vous les appelez à vous-même.