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Our goal

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E-DZ Charity was estabilished to help out the less fornutate in all parts of Algeria, although I had started a small one eight years ago,and have watched it expand, we now as a group, of loving volunteers are wanting this to grow , so that we may help more in need inside of Algeria. We are a diverse group of volunteers from all over the world. From many diffarant culturs to even having Algerian roots as well.

Our goal is to help those who are in need of things such as, eye glasses, we take old, or new ones, send them to Algeria to the doctors whom we trust, to have them fited to the less fornuate people in Algeria. We also send glucose testing meters, tylenols, bandages, clothing, personal hygene supplies, along with money to help in surgeries, or medications that are needed by the families whom seek our help. There are also many other needed things, from even childrens books, if requested we can help get.

We are a non-profit charity group, no one is paid for his/her actions, other then being rewarded of the great wonderful joys we bring to those families whom are in need. 90% of the funds donated goes straight to the needy, while the other 10% is used for the coasts of shipping, finance charges of sending money, faxes (they are very limited on this coast, for not using this at the moment), and the proper liences needed to obtain a legit charity group.

We are notified of the needy families by other members, word of mouth, or by aplication. We as a group decied what cases are the most important to work on right away, and the ones that are not life treating, are in an order, by what is available at the time, but will get what is needed in a timely mannor. We do not discrimated against race, religion, or age when it comes to donations to Algeria, the only thing that is required it to be living in Algeria, and have no means of getting the charity you request.

Items are shipped, mailed, or hand sent to Algeria from many of our volenteers, an inventory list is kept up to determine what we have, and what is needed to keep stock up. Money at this time is sent directly western union to Algeria, where 2 reps inside Algeria will recieve the money, and use it to optain what nessacary things that are instructed by the group for what families are in need of, example: say we have a case where there is a child who needs an emergency surgery, our rep/s will go to the hospital where that child is having the surgery at, and the rep will pay the hospital bill, and optain all medications that the doctor of that child, needs.

In this conclusion, we strave to help out the needy and less fornuate to help them regain health, to improve health, to try to help save lives, and to put hope into a persons heart, that there are people who care.

E-DZ Charity is always looking for volunteers, if you or anyone you know would like to join our team you may submit an email to our E-DZ.com site.
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