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The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II

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The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II

new book, The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II, is an embodiment of Word of Mouth itself. Every aspect of it was conceived as an illustration of how to get people talking. There are dozens of elements of WOM in action which will become entirely obvious once you see it, read it and hold it. For example, the title begs people to ask, "Where's Volume I?" which is as good a way as any to get a dialogue going. The same goes for the monkey on the cover (and how that guy eats bananas, of course).

The publishing industry, much like the music industry, is teetering on a massive change in control from publishers to authors and consumers! The distribution of the book itself is an indication of the power of Word of Mouth, which is where you come in.

And that's the point. The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II is the ultimate illustration of how Word of Mouth actually works. Each element of the book (including the free distribution) was carefully crafted as an example of how you can make Word of Mouth work.

What do Falco and the Grateful Dead have in common? How did Joey Chesnut unseat "Tsunami" Kobayashi in the Coney Island hot dog eating contest? From Tickle-Me-Elmo and Casey Kasem to Crocs and those terribly annoying HeadOn commercials, the book is packed full of real-world examples of what makes people recommend products and services to each other. If you're a company who is interested in how to get people talking, you can't get started without reading the Manual.

The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II is the second book from BzzAgent founder and CEO, Dave Balter. His first book, Grapevine, was released in December 2005.

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