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Algeria In Beijing Olympic Games 2008

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Algeria is present in Beijing with 86 athletes in 12 sports. Our chances to get medals are weak and the qualification to the games is already a big thing for many of our athletes.
Judo, boxing and athletics are the usual sources of medals for us.

Female Volleyball: 15
ABDERRAHIM Mouni Female Nov 19 1985 Algeria Volleyball
AISSOU Tassadit Female Jun 19 1989 Algeria Volleyball
AMRANE Mouni Female May 19 1991 Algeria Volleyball
BENHAMOUDA Saleha Female Oct 20 1973 Algeria Volleyball
BOUKHIMA Safia Female Jan 10 1991 Algeria Volleyball
DRAA Dalal Female Feb 29 1984 Algeria Volleyball
HAMMOUCHE Salima Female Jan 17 1984 Algeria Volleyball
HENNAOUI Melinda Female Mar 18 1990 Algeria Volleyball
HENNAOUI Sehryne Female Jan 10 1988 Algeria Volleyball
MADANI Narimene Female Mar 12 1984 Algeria Volleyball
MANSOURI Nawal Female Aug 01 1985 Algeria Volleyball
OUKAZI Fatima Zahra Female Jan 18 1984 Algeria Volleyball
OULMOU Lydia Female Feb 02 1986 Algeria Volleyball
ROUABHIA Raouya Female Jun 25 1978 Algeria Volleyball
TSABET Faiza Female Mar 22 1985 Algeria Volleyball

Athletics: 33
AGGOUNE Khoudir Male Jan 05 1981 Algeria Athletics
AIT SALEM Souad Female Jan 06 1979 Algeria Athletics
AMEUR Mohamed Male Nov 01 1984 Algeria Athletics
AMZAL Ghania Female Nov 28 1982 Algeria Athletics
AZAIDJ Yahia Male May 03 1972 Algeria Athletics
BENHADIA Mohamed Male Nov 24 1981 Algeria Athletics
BENIDA MERAH Nouria Female Oct 19 1970 Algeria Athletics
BENKRAMA Nabil Male Jun 14 1980 Algeria Athletics
BOUKENSA Tarek Male Nov 19 1981 Algeria Athletics
BOULAHFANE Kamel Male Jul 01 1976 Algeria Athletics
BOURRADA Larbi Male May 10 1988 Algeria Athletics
DAHMANI Kenza Female Nov 18 1980 Algeria Athletics
HADJ LAZIB Othmane Male May 10 1983 Algeria Athletics
HAMADI Abderrahmane Male Mar 24 1984 Algeria Athletics
HAMMAD Abderrahmane Male May 27 1977 Algeria Athletics
KHADAR Samir Male Jun 10 1986 Algeria Athletics
LAMRT Boualem Male Mar 26 1986 Algeria Athletics
LOUAHALA Malik Male Dec 19 1977 Algeria Athletics
MADI Nabil Male Jun 09 1981 Algeria Athletics
MAKHLOUFI Rabia Male Nov 11 1986 Algeria Athletics
MANSEUR Nadjim Male Jun 08 1988 Algeria Athletics
MEFTAH Fathi Male Nov 15 1980 Algeria Athletics
MELIANI Walid Male Mar 18 1984 Algeria Athletics
MENDIL Widad Female May 12 1983 Algeria Athletics
MOUSSA Houria Female May 14 1982 Algeria Athletics
MOUSSAOUI Samir Male May 15 1975 Algeria Athletics
NIMA Issam Male Apr 08 1979 Algeria Athletics
RAHMANI Miloud Male Dec 30 1982 Algeria Athletics
RAHOULI Baya Female Jul 27 1979 Algeria Athletics
SAHNOUNE Chiraz Kamilia Female Apr 05 1986 Algeria Athletics
SAIDI-SIEF Ali Male Mar 15 1978 Algeria Athletics
TOUHAMI Nahida Female Feb 10 1978 Algeria Athletics
ZERGUELAINE Antar Male Jan 04 1985 Algeria Athletics

Rowing: 4
AICH Mohamed Male Jul 30 1981 Algeria Rowing
AIT DAOUD Kamel Male May 18 1985 Algeria Rowing
DRIES Chaouki Male Jan 16 1981 Algeria Rowing
GARIDI Mohamed Ryad Male Dec 20 1977 Algeria Rowing

Judo: 10
AZZOUN Hassane Male Sep 28 1979 Algeria Judo
BENAMADI Mounir Male Apr 05 1982 Algeria Judo
BENIKHLEF Amar Male Jan 11 1982 Algeria Judo
HADDAD Soraya Female Sep 30 1984 Algeria Judo
LATROUS Lila Female Jul 15 1979 Algeria Judo
MOUSSA Meriem Female May 11 1988 Algeria Judo
MERIDJA Amar Male Mar 17 1976 Algeria Judo
OUERDANE Rachida Female May 02 1979 Algeria Judo
REBAHI Omar Male Sep 02 1978 Algeria Judo
SAIDI Kahina Female Mar 17 1984 Algeria Judo

Swimming: 8
BENABID Naoufel Male Jul 08 1987 Algeria Swimming
DAID Sofiane Male Nov 06 1982 Algeria Swimming
HADJ ABDERRAHMANE Sarah Female Mar 16 1990 Algeria Swimming
HAMAMA Mehdi Male May 07 1985 Algeria Swimming
ILES Salim Male May 14 1975 Algeria Swimming
KEBBAB Nabil Male Dec 30 1983 Algeria Swimming
KOUZA Raja Amira Female Aug 13 1989 Algeria Swimming
MEBAREK Mahrez Male Feb 12 1985 Algeria Swimming

Boxing: 7
BENCHABLA Abdelhafid Male Sep 26 1986 Algeria Boxing
CHADI Abdelkader Male Dec 12 1986 Algeria Boxing
KASSEL Nabil Male Mar 10 1984 Algeria Boxing
KRAMOU Hamza Male Feb 03 1988 Algeria Boxing
OUATAH Newfel Male Nov 08 1985 Algeria Boxing
OURRADI Abdelhalim Male Mar 19 1981 Algeria Boxing
TOUILBINI Abdelaziz Male Oct 16 1978 Algeria Boxing

Fencing: 2
BENTALEB Hadia Female Aug 31 1980 Algeria Fencing
KHELFAOUI Anissa Female Aug 29 1991 Algeria Fencing

Wrestling: 3
BOUGUERRA Samir Male Jul 18 1982 Algeria Wrestling
SERIR Mohamed Male Dec 06 1984 Algeria Wrestling
ZEGHDANE Messaoud Male Jan 25 1981 Algeria Wrestling

Cycling: 1
CHABANE Hichem Male Aug 10 1988 Algeria Cycling - Road

Table tennis: 1
KHOURTA Idir Male Jul 26 1986 Algeria Table Tennis

Badminton: 1
LASMARI Nabil Male Feb 08 1978 Algeria Badminton

Weightlifting: 1
LASSOUANI Leila Francoise Female Jul 29 1977 Algeria Weightlifting
Un homme se leva et demanda permission d'appeler les fidèles à la prière.
Permission lui fût donnée:
- Vous pouvez les appeler, tant que vous les appelez à Dieu et non à vous-même.
- Mais comment saurais-je la différence?
- Si ça vous dérange que quelqu'un d'autre les appelle à Dieu, c'est que vous les appelez à vous-même.




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So far Algeria is ranked today 42nd with two medals.

Silver Medal for Benikhlef Amar in Judo Men -90 kg
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Bronze Medal for Haddad Soraya in Judo Women -52 kg
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Congratulations to both of them


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yes....in boxing also they have a good chance
......By Hamouz



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Tounsi won today, the first gold medal by an arab. Also Algerian boxer won the bronze!

I am mainly watching the swimming and footie...
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I like watch the girls swimming.

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I like watch the girls swimming.




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Also Algerian boxer won the bronze!

Hmm no, no medals for DZ other than the two in judo.

In paralymics, Algeria won more medals and ranked 31st:
Athletics Men's Shot Put - F32 BETINA Karim
Athletics Men's Shot Put - F33/34/52 KARDJENA Kamel
Judo Men -60 kg NOURA Mouloud
Judo Men -66 kg LAMRI Sidali

Athletics Women's Javelin Throw - F33/34/52/53 BENOUMESSAD Louadjeda
Athletics Men's 800m - T46 NOUIOUA Samir
Athletics Men's 200m - T37 HAMDI Sofiane

Athletics Women's Shot Put - F57/58 MEDJEMEDJ Nadia
Athletics Women's Discus Throw - F57/58 MEDJEMEDJ Nadia
Athletics Men's 800m - T13 SEKHRI Zine Eddine
Athletics Men's 1500m - T46 NOUIOUA Samir
Athletics Men's Shot Put - F32 BAKIRI Mounir
Athletics Men's Shot Put - F40 GHERZOULI Hocine
Athletics Men's 100m - T37 HAMDI Sofiane
Judo Women +70 kg BOUAZOUG Zoubida


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wow that's so amazing and very inspiring knowing that we have a group of people with disabilities yet they are more capable to do for their country than any other person.

just imagine if the government had special facilities like the ones in europe and north america for these people... I am sure they would give so much back to society