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Peace Of Braves

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23 October 1958

Four years after the beginning of our war of liberation, and because of it among other reasons, the political life in France became very unstable. This instability made the life of the French army difficult because they started fearing to see the French government withdraw from Algeria like they did in Indochina, growing even more the dishonor of the French army. In their eyes of course smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />.

This led many French officers (General Massu, Salan, etc) and the Governor of Algeria (Soustelle) to commit a putsch on May 13rh, 1958. They believed that De Gaulle was the best to lead them to victory in Algeria so they forced French president Rene Coty to call him back to power and give him extraordinary powers.

Some French politicians and intellectuals (Mitterand, Mendes-France, Sartre) were against De Gaulle's return but the putschists already occupied Corsica and threatened to take over Paris.

All this was done to keep Algeria French.

A new constitution giving big powers to the president was voted on September 28th, 1958. The voters also agreed to keep the majority of French remaining colonies under French control (Algeria was considered a French department and wasn't concerned by the vote).

And even before De Gaulle became president, he called for the peace of braves in Algeria in October 23rd. It was a call to the ALN and FLN altogether for a "brave" surrender smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />.

This was the text of the call:

Que ceux qui ont commencé le combat y mettent fin…Ils doivent rentrer chez eux, auprès de leurs familles et que leurs chefs prennent contact avec nos chefs militaires en hissant le drapeau blanc. Quant aux membres de la Délégation extérieure de la Révolution, ils n'ont qu'à se diriger vers l'ambassade de France à Tunis ou à Rabat afin que soit assuré leur transfert vers la France où seront étudiées les conditions de la reddition dans un cadre français. Quant à l'avenir politique de l'Algérie, il n'y a pas lieu de l'aborder car c'est l'avenir qui a été décidé par le référendum du 28 septembre 1958.

Obviously this call hasn't been heard and war continued till our independence in 1962.
Un homme se leva et demanda permission d'appeler les fidèles à la prière.
Permission lui fût donnée:
- Vous pouvez les appeler, tant que vous les appelez à Dieu et non à vous-même.
- Mais comment saurais-je la différence?
- Si ça vous dérange que quelqu'un d'autre les appelle à Dieu, c'est que vous les appelez à vous-même.