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Amazigh poems

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TAMDYAZT, (poems)

butt-innat urjiγ ibedd d fella
Ibedd d fella wergaz d ameqran
Yenn’ ay a yelli ekker bedd fellam
Tesfawed ayetmam deg wsallas n yid
In’ yasen assa ybedd d fella…
Yugwerten !
Yenn’ ay a yelli diqqeγ ‘f tmurt inu
Tamurt inu tamurt umaziγ
Cal nnes yeswa imettawen inu
Enyes a y uzleγ werni n tedma
Laγ’ ayetmam in’ yasen zriγ…
Yerfed afer n weâlaw nnes
Yekk’s d zmam, zmam d ameqran
Yenn’ ay ax’n it a t zren ayetmam
W ad snen tanfust n tarwa wmaziγ
In’ yasen a yelli taggi d tanfust…
n Yugwerten!

Last night, I had a dream
I saw a great man
He said : "wake up, daughter!
Go enlighten your brothers
Go and tell them you saw...
He said he missed his homeland
The great land of Imazighen
The land watered by his tears
The land where he chassed the gazelle
"Call your brothers and tell them you saw...
Under the wing of his a3law*, he produced
A big notebook and said :
"Here it is, take it, show your brothers
So they will know the history of Imazighen
Tell them this is the story of...

In Yugwerten, Diva Dihya pays tribute to Yughurta, king of Numidia.The lyrics are by Messaoud Nedjahi (Chaoui)

Ay Afrukh
ay afrukh i3alen d'ug jenna
ad'uma roH sal f yemma
ad'uma iness memmim yella
yuzzel u maTTa fi maggan inugh
amk mmekTigh TamurT inugh
ad'uma iness memmim yella
ay ayfrukh melmi ad welligh?
ghri la3wam u netch trajigh
ad'a zragh TafsuT d'i TmurT inugh.

Oh Bird
Oh bird, flying in the sky
Please give my love to my mum
Tell her your son is ok
Tears flood my cheeks
Whenever I think of HOME
Tell her your son is ok
Oh bird, when will I return HOME?
It has been long years of waiting
To see spring in my homeland.
Salim Souhali(chaoui)

yelliss n wadrar
a yelliss n wadrar Tatlagha f aytmass roHan
adawin Tilalli i TmurT nssen
Tatlagha f aytmass wa ittawin ness churened
hatshawar su fuss ness
aked nehnin tu3anissed
melmi hasadwallen
ad ichar fellass akham
Tilalli bech attess attus g damman wa tterni
u nehnin dawmaTen dayan eg tess3a si Rabbi
i3zizin eg gallen ra3a fellassen a zizi.

Mountain Girl
Mountain girl is calling her brothers
They are on their way to fight for freedom
She calls on them, her eyes full of tears
She waves at them
They wave back at her
When will they return to her
And her home will be full of happiness
The cost of freedom is high
They are her brothers, all she has in life
May her dear ones be protected

yemma Trabey s waghrumen n yirden
d timzin
yemma TwaSay bech ad nethalligh deg gurbi
mani lulegh wa Trabbigh
nech d-amazigh, nech d'chawi lligh, chawi lligh
aqbayli d taqbayliT d Targui d chenwiT
d-ayaTma yellen d-yaTma yellen
assa, adecha, Tamazight Talla Talla

My mother raised me on wheat and barley bread
She taught me to be proud of my roots
I am poud to be Shawi Amazigh
Iqbayliyen, the Terguis and Chenwis are my brothers
Tamazight lives today, tomorrow and forever.

This poem was read by Houari Hriza* during the shawi song festival which took place in Merouana, Aures, in early July.

ussen n temzi
ani roHan 3addan ussen n temzi
cha ssissen yizid, cha yerzag
u lakhseghch lHal ad imaDrane
u lakhsaghch lamr ad yerzag

Where did the childhood days go?
Some days were sweet, some were bitter
I don't want life to change
I don't want the situation to get bitter

By Aissa Brahimi (chaoui)

In IRGAZEN, Ali Zalatoo pays a tribute to Benboulaid, Si Lhawas, Amirouche, Abbess Laghrour and all their comrades. My God bless them! LEST WE FORGET!
metta gharnegh d'yirgazen
d'aya ayeTma, d'aya d'i laures
ghaDineya kul , kul mmuTen
ksen fellanegh assalless
metta gharnegh d'yirgazen
d'aya ayeTma, d'aya d'i laures
be3ad'es be3d'es ad' yali wass
d'yirgazen u yeb3id' wabrid'
d'yirgazen a Benboulaid

On Amirouche and Si lHawas
si Amirouche d'umass n si lHawas
ayTma si Jerjera
MuTen d'eg ij m butt
d'eg d'urar n Bousaada

Amirouche, a brother of si lHawas
O brothers! He came from Jerjera
They died on the same day
In the mountains of Bousaada

Please post them if you know any poems or lyrics that are poetic with the English translations for all to share
TamattuT nnegh machi ghir i waghrom
Tattali zang u yis wa Traffed' agastur."
The shawi woman isn't just for house work
She rides the horse and carries a sword.


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1-izmzugh rebbi tagant ura sawalent.
2-ghassa ghas hâwlen medden tsawl tenna yagh.
3-Iga wargan azîdar, iga wargan ssâbir yili gh irafan
4-mid d uzrig ay ad izzri rebbi fellas.
5-Is ukan tiwit leàar kiyyin aya caqqûr.
6-imma yargan igh ibbi nefl mat ittarin.
7-azzl xasm ssiàr ayalig a txasmn ilumas.
8-ixasmt u fraw x tighitn lli sis iqln.
9-afrig argan igh ibbi n sutrt i wayyâd.
10-inna wargan i terga fek aman i wasif.
11-ara may ghnan, ad agh issu gh irafan.
12-imma ghil gh nxelf ad agh sul ur issu yan.
13-lkst ar Sus ar iggi n Sus ar ihâhân.
14-uhuy argan i tubbuyt nera t i ttarix.
15-ad sis nsekr i wid a ten ur ittâfn àicc.
16-iga wargan addag irwan gh tassasin .
17-lligh irêmi ssibab is yusi takatin.
18-ghassa gh iefa rebbi dêrn fellas icuqqar.
19-nettu yajmil i bab nes nettu yas lxir.
20-argan igh yad ibbi da tluhên tayyawin.
21-icuqqar wanna yudân gh imi s sers n lûh.
22-inna wargan i terga fek aman i wasif
23-ixlq agh rebbi gh lbûr nemyar irafan.
24-nemyar afrad kra gingh iqqurên ffressin.
25-nemyar inkan kra gigh iffrssin ikmêd.
26-asmhuzzu asmdudi ttayri qquren.
27-as kn zzrmh ura ar nterzzâ tiliwa nek.
28-asmhuzzu asmdudi s sin ifassen. .
29-asnhnnc addag da gigh itxasamn. .
30-imik n usxn d ubazin aygh ur ingh.
31-addag ay amazigh gigan ayk n ssutr.
32-mayad izrin igh rad awigh tirra nek.
33-ttaragh yit ura nhuddu tamkurart.
34-ura lmzîyt n waddag illan s lfiàl.
35-inna iyi baba, f babas inna yasen.
36-sin a ssar k ur iknd lxlq ntelnk.
37-tafukt aywi ha iyi ar kwen tûssugh.
38-a ssar ak gis ur ibid lxlq nteln ak.
39-wissin argan a tgablt asghar nes.
40-d iwtta n wakal gabl tighula nek.
41-acku lâsl ad agh ten ed ifln gh ifassen.

1-God rendered the forest voiceless; she does not speak.
2-Today that people destroy her, she spoke by saying to us.
3-The arganier is strong, he is patient, living in thirst.
4- He has undergone much dryness.
5- Oh! The axe, you are unworthy.
6- The same brought down the arganier as its heirs.
7-there the bark of the arganier defends your terrority so that the kernel defends it.
8- Just as the leaves will defend it against she-goats.
9-The hedges of the arganier, even if cut, serve to protect other trees
10-The arganier ordered the canal to supply water to the river
11- Oh! The one who has pity of me, spray me against the scorching heat.
12- Now that my branches grow nobody waters me.
13- From the Atlas mountain crossing Souss just to the region of haha.
14- We at the slaughter of the arganier, it set us in history.
15-To make me proud in front of those that will not possess it.
16-The trunk of the arganier is comforting against the sufferings.
17- When it has nothing to eat, , it sustains families
18- Today that life is prosperous, it is threatened by axes
19- We are ingrates toward it that has rendered us service.
20- The arganier, even fallen, lets its grains grow again.
21- The axes used to for the felling are flung.
22- The arganier ordered the canal to supply water to the river.
23-We are issue of dry lands; we are used to thirst.
24- We are use to it, that our dry branches become cracked.
25- We are use to it, that my crushed morsels will scorch
26- Shaking! Trembling! With pure love.
27- What do I use to pick you up without tearing your leaves.
28- Shaking! Trembling! With two hands.
29- That I embrace the trunk that defends me.
30-imik n usxn d ubazin aygh ur ingh. less measured by its oil.
31-Oh! The Amazigh trunk has reserved many things.
32- By wanting to speak about its history.
33- By even writing today, we cannot embrace everything. Its courage.
34- Nor the privilege of the trunk in action.
35- My father told me that his father told him.
36- No one must deprive you of two things.
37-The sun, it watches me, my son, I advise you.
38- No one must hide it from you.
39-The second, the arganier! View its branches.
40- Just like the borders of the land, watch over your fields.
41- Because we have inherited them from an authentic origin..



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Ad izumal
S lequda d takwmamin,
Di yal tamurt,
Gzemn asn awal
Mi d nnan tiquranin.

Ad izumal
Sebren uyssen,
SEbren tiyta tebbwed ighes,
Lihala tmal
Tgla yissen
Walan tafat mi teselles,
Times tughal
Tirmet nesen,
Tighri teced i- yiless.

Ad izumal,
Nesla yawen
Nesla mi yawn gren ssenasel
Iwet uhmmal
La d yesskfal lemwkahel,
Yekfa wawal,
Rahen idemmen
Urrif di rrsas la yfettel.

Political prisoners.
With their chains and muzels.
In every country.
They try to silence your opposition.
Because you want truth and justice to prevail.

Political prisoners.
You are patient and restless
Untill the wound reached the bone.
Times have changed.
They were swept away.
They started to see their days darken.
The fire spread.
It burned their rights.
Their outcries were silenced.

Politicals prisoners.
We heard you.
We heard them putting chains around you.
The flood is coming.
It's no time for negotiations.
We smell the blood.
It's time for bullets to rain on them.
(By Idir, Kabylie)

Cfigh am zund iDlli
Mid yebweD wejrad tara
Ccerq dlgherb yetggir
Ad rum ur yezmir ara
Nek terrid iyi gher dduh
YA ymma ur TTisgh ara ;
Cfigh temuqeld d-iyi
Ghef zur gg-ufrar
Tnnid asmi d lulagh
Aà¢dawn ur agh bghin ara
Yissi teferhaD mi muqlagh
Tugha am teftilt di lehara

Cfigh am zund iDlli
Isigna ighumd aggur
Cekel yeghli di zznad
Tamurt iccat unaghur
Tmuqeled dgi aymma
Walagh ulim amk itccur
tennid iyi tec am mmi
Tahbult g-irden n tmur
TweSSad i ghef igma
Ad beddegh ghurs ad yemghur
At afagh ghur tuyat iw
Wur issà¢i tagmat mehqura.

I remember as if it were yesterday.
When locust arrived at our door steps.
They were pouring from east and west.
Our tribe couldn't was outgunned.
Mom, when you put me to bed.
I could not sleep.
I remember you campared to grapevine.
You kept reiterating since my birth.
Our enemies wanted our demise.
You were proud of me growing up.
You kept saying I'm the sunshine of your day.

I remember as if it were Yesterday.
When the clouds covered the moon.
All dirt broke loose.
The country was burning.
Mom you looked at me .
With heart full anger.
That I'm your hope and future
You kept asking me to take care of my siblings.
A brotheless, sisterless person.
Will be overun by the enemie.
(By Idir, Kabylie)


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is of achehal type, love song

ili di damman, u nech d-izoran
ili dajarriH, nech ad idawan
ili d-anawwer, u nech d-asannan
falu d-amallel, deg zaw abarkan

You be the blood and I will be your veins
You be the wound and I will be the healer
You be the flower and I will be the thorn*

*In other words, I will protect you. Oh, metta heHla TuTlayT nnegh!
(by Aissa Brahimi Chaoui)


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sussem is an old shawi song. There are different versions, but the idea is the same. A lonely mother is talking to her little boy while she is weaving. A sad lullaby!

sussem sussem a 3alla memmi
ennig a3law i babak
babak iroH iba3dek
yewwi TarumiT ijja yemmek
sussem sussem a 3alla memmi
ennig a3law du qachabi
babak iroH ijja lwali.

Hush hush 3alla, my son
Let us weave a burnous for your daddy
Your daddy who took off and left you
He left your mother for a French woman
Hush hush 3alla, my son
I am weaving a burnous and a qachabi *
Your father abandoned his family

*TaqachabiT/haqachabiT : Algerian traditional coat.


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found this one that really hit my heart:

amghid is about imghiden, the workers and their struggle. A song of univesal appeal.

ekker ay amghid!
yetchenegh usallas
Tirzag TmedurT, aghrum damessas
netazzel nkhadem , yuwanegh u nezgum
win yessussmem, u3aniT d-aserdun
netchnin nemmuT, g wammas n luzinet
f ighallen nnegh, s3alan lvilaT
amk nettazzel f ughrum amessas
ikhf u yur a nef amarwas
yenghanegh lham, laz nhennaT
unezri metta yellan gher zdaT
ekker ay aguellil!
yetchanegh usalless
Tamza Tussid, Tessen3aT Tighmass
nehnin am tamza, gguren deg usallass
wa yuDin zinnegh, ad 3afsen fellas
ay ghaDan d-irgazen yenzin su sordi n Hass
ay ghaDan d-igallilen ittarjin s fawet n wass.

Wake up, worker!
we are overwhelmed by darkness
Life became a living dirt
we keep working for a lousy living
If you don't resist you will be stepped on
While we are sweating it up in factories
They built castles on our suffering
We struggle for a meagre living
By the end of the month we are in debt
We don't know what lies ahead
Wake up, struggler!
we are overwhelmed by darkness
Tamza* has arrived, showing its teeth
Like Tamza, they are plotting in darkness
They crash the most venerable of us
I feel sorry for the men, sold for a penny
I feel sorry for the poor, dreaming of dawn

* Ogress. In other words, bosses, corporations, govt....

(By Salim Souhali, chaoui)


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At first glance, Nanna Ferroudja appears the typical grandmother from the mountains of Kabylia, dressed in the traditional taqendurt n leqbayel (Kabyle dress) and fuda (skirt apron), monolingual in Takbaylit (the regional Tamazight of Kabylia), with no formal schooling, and unable to read or write. But Nanna Ferroudja is more than the caretaker of her grandchildren, the keeper of her hearth. She is a poetess and a die-hard Amazigh militant.

Nanna Faroudja's face is lined with the sorrows and trials of her 67 years of life. Much of her sorrows and experiences have been verbalized in her poetry. Her lyrics address various topics, including: the current crisis in Kabylia, emigration from Kabylia, family issues, and the Algerian war against the French. She started creating poems at age 24, at the death of her brother during the war. The tragedies of war and oppression, the struggle for freedom and Amazigh recognition has been the source of her inspiration.

Since the recent events emanating from Kabylia began in April of this year, her poems, which are a release of her griefs and fury, have flowed more quickly. When the uprising started, she was abroad, helping to care for a newborn grandchild. This did not stop her, however, from participating in all the demonstrations in support of the people of Kabylia, which were held in the surrounding cities of her host country. She surprised the participants with the elocution of her spontaneously-created poetry, becoming a symbol and an inspiration for the area's Amazigh diaspora.

Please note that these translations are not literal. They are interpretations of the text in order to preserve the structure of the poems while faithfully conveying the meaning behind the words to a different culture, represented by the language of translation. Nanna Ferroudja was consulted throughout the translation processs. The poems have been transcribed by Karim Achab, Amazigh scholar and linguist. The English translations are the joint effort of K. Achab and Blanca Madani.

Ayen yedran di tmura
(What happened in Kabylia)

The heart cries, the soul is wounded
Because of what happened in Kabylia
Many youth were killed
Their lives yet unfulfilled
They gave their lives for Tamazight
That's about honor, not robbery
Let's agree to unite
As we did against the French
A million-and-a-half dead
Yet freedom has not come
CSnatched by the undeserving
Such dishonor, but do they care?
Today things have grown clear
Algeria is scorned by foreign lands
You who are bright, awaken!
Come, free us
That we may live in dignity.

My heart cries impatiently
Oh, my brethren, we are a disgrace
We have known nothing each day but war
Many youth have died
More bloodshed than the raging waters of a torrent
They all died for Tamazight
Which the others long tried to conceal
My brethren, do not surrender!
With valor, we will overcome!
Blessings on the martyrs
Their names inscribed in History
Luckily, the saviors were not all gone
They unearthed it, Tamazight
Its brilliance will finally sparkle
My brethren, do not retreat
The bloodshed must be honored with our freedom

Nanna Ferroudja, having suffered through the miscarriage of her first child, her only boy, eventually bore and raised three healthy girls. In 1985, when her youngest was still a teenager, she lost her husband, with whom she'd shared her life for 28 years. Then, eleven years later, she suffered the pain of separation when her youngest daughter, who had been her only constant companion since her older daughters had married, left with her new husband to North America.

(In exile)

ADiscretely, I cry,
Cries, Oh Brethren, no one hears
I left it behind
The country where I was raised
Like birds, we flew
To the lands of others
We left our families, tearful
Separated; there was no other choice
I took a seat in a machine
Flying so high in the sky
My feet touched the land of Canada
Where I found folks, so kind
I looked for people from Kabylia
To unite our goals and strength
When we call our mothers
It is but a voice through the wire
Mothers be patient, don't worry
We will return one day.

Tafsut Imazigen di Kanada
(Amazigh Spring in Canada)

It is about Canada
A country inundated in snow
It drained Kabylia of its brains
And left the villages desolate
Families were left behind lamenting
What torture, this heart broken in pieces
KBe grateful to them, oh, Canada
Honor the immigrants with respect
This is the Day of Tamazight
Future generations will know It
Greetings to the immigrants
To each and every one.


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alot of nice poems and songs here sis.. you know, my grandma allah yer7emha used to sing the sussem song but i think it was something like sussem sussem amettousa...

cause she was from a city called amettousa smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />



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Nezra, song by Si-Moh, has the lyric on the video in Kabyle and in English translation ,, the video of a road trip to Kabylia made by a good friend join us on the beautiful sites and the song of Si-Moh, which is poetic and really fits the lovely scenes

http://www.youtube.c...watch?v=<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.c...></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.c...5TQ&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>


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A midar ynu
Weddaren imzan
Dg ibriden
Ayer a ayer
Wanita d ijjen umazigh
Belloent xafs tiwura
Deg wammur nes
Midar ynu
A midar ayujir
Uzghn waman deg ighzar
Ifsy wedfel x idurar
Imzdagh uyaren ur yeqqim hedd
Mani idjan ijdigen ni
Deg yeyyaren
Mani idja umeksa
Mani djant tibrighin
Yessis n dcar
Marra uyaren
Ur yeqqim hedd
Midar ynu
Mara ttun cek iodawen
Ncc ur ckk tettugh
Cek d tlulluct deg wur inu
A cek arigh di marra tinfass
A cek arigh di tqessisin
Deg icaren nnec ad mtegh
A midar ynu

Ay ayujir
my midar
My midar
Ohh my midar
The hop’s are lost
In the way
Ohh the sea
This is one amazigh man
All the door’s are closed in his face
In his country
My midar
Ohh my midar
The water dosn’t stay in the valley
The snaw melted on the mountains
All the people emigrant’s
No one stayed
Where are the flowres of field’s
Where is the soponser
Where are the girls of my village
All of them gone
No one stayed
My midar
If your enemies forgot you
I didn’t
You are a flower in my heart
I will write you in all stories
I will write you in the poem’s
In your soil
My midar
You are so orphan

by: Andich


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site with many poems :


some of them that are on the site:

by Ali Khadaoui

Aglmam imttawn

Ul inw
Illa digs yan aglmam imttawn
Amr irzim ad issuff isaffn

Azmz ayd yussin awal inu
Azmz ayt igran jaj iwaliwn yadn
Azmz iga iwaliwn enna ittinin tenna yuran
Dadigs etssawal tawukt
xf isndal imazighen

Ul inw
Iga tirrgin enna eg ighus yan urba amzzan
Yak ad yaki ukswat ad izr ayenna ikkan
Xf ugjjig awragh iqqurr s irifi
Allig gant tndlin n winna ittunghin
Am waman iddan gher ill
yak ad achkin tanggarut

Rix ad inix yits iwaliwn enna ur ejjin illin
enna gher mi ur illi umzruy
enna ur izrin mayd ikkan
Bar ad mghin eggudin emghurr awdn ignna

Innayi Moha
Han att init yan krad ekkuz
egg ixf n udrar
Han att init ism n waman

Han tiwtmin ennex ur da tirint ayenna

Inati may teggax i tizizwa enna ineqq ummarg
Inati may teggax tihit imazighen ittemrdall

Bdan ku yan maghr idda
Genn ku yan mag warga

Da ettunghan yan s yan
Dat en yan d yan

Ku yan da yall s tufra


by Said Abarnous:

Awad’ ar wul

Zi ywwd’ anfqs
Izzudjit s umptt’a
Ntta ma 3ad ad igg
Tarja s tz’tt’a
Nigh a s isdj h’d
At iz’ar ih’tt’a
Inaruzn ad asn
As cd’h’n i ntta


by Anejjar Elbachir

Ha tafukt mm uzenzar tssuteld f idraren
ay iggig abu'nZar mmussud f ikaln
addgh isu gh-illi-gh iqqor ujjig yasusn
arakw nskar itudert agharas d lhilt


ur igi bnadem ma'm ittasin l3win nnem
ur igi bla madam ittakwrn igran nnem!
ur igi bla madam inakrn ajmil nnem
ur igi bla madam inqqan ifrakh nem!


lalla dihia tsgadda azzar ger wallen
taggwin gh lmri nnes tgin taZolt iZola nnes
aren tmmal afoulki itafoukt s usmrgha nnes !


ighd bhra tffagh gh ukham
trzmd allen nnes gh uzekka
sigh tut tafukt s uZenZar
tifiw akkw tamazgha

among many other more some really nice ones to read there


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Azref (le droit)

H'mmu Kemous

Yella wa, yili wa
Ttun akw is nella
Seqsa azru gef tukeld
Ak irar awal
Yini tanbatt ibaden:
Tanbatt n ixeddaeen

Tella ta, tili ta
Gemren ta ad ur tili
Ssumman tcan akal
Inin dig yella wrettal
Nseqsa mag illa weeliz
Aeliz n tmurt nneg

Imeslayen n usseqsi
Ugalen d imehbas
Ger lehyud isammaden
Tcan agrum aberrkan
Taxxuyt d lbeq d iwurdan
Yemma n tidet is tellid ?

Leuven, 1992

Existe celui-ci et celui-là
Ils oublient que nous existons
Interroge la pierre que tu traverses
Elle te répondra en disant:
Pouvoir régnant
Pouvoir trichant

Existe celle-ci et celle-là
Chassée celle-ci
Pour ne plus exister
Suçant, rongeant la terre
Reste encore la dette
Nous interrogeons
Où sont passées les potentialités
De notre pays ?

Paroles d'interrogations
Deviennent prisonnières
Entre des murs de glace
Croquant le pain noir
Au milieu des poux et des puces
Mère de vérité où es-tu ?

Louvain, 1992


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Abrid umezruy

Masin U'Harun
(Tifrit, Kabylie 1949 - 1996)

Abrid nugh yezzi yuli
deg-s ahni deg-s tilelli.
Tamazight negh az'ekka
ed wa i d abrid n trugza.

Ahni nnegh s yes-s an-nessew
akal yessan s ighessan
d ikusman imarawen
izughren igerfiwen ;
amezruy n'Tmazgha yif
tawsit tarwa tameddurt.

Amek ara nili d aklan
ur nezmir d imazighen,
imarawen izmawen
deg cenga ur ugaden ;
Tamazight negh az'ekka
akka i d abrid n trugza.

Tarwa n tmurt tamazight
tilelli tif tameddurt
ekkert an-nekkrewt ekkret
isawalagh-d umezruy.

Lambèse, mars 1979
Masin U'Harun (Haroun Mohamed)


ahni : sang,
imarawen : ancêtres,
amezruy : histoire,
tawsit : famille
icenga (sing. acengu) : ennemis,
tilelli : liberté


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Tudert / la vie
Lahoucine Atabji (1947-1994)

Lahoucine Atabji est né à Zelguem, tout près de Bzou (Azilal) au pied du Haut Atlas


Matta tudert a
Tin izi g tebdant
Ur illi mag ik isaquln
Ur illi mak inatqen
Ussan gan imxiben
Tallest tdert s wass
Tifawt ur tlal
Anzar issuda
Max nga igujilen
Nedda s tmeghra
Nelsa iherwac
Nennax feghat
Nga zund taslit unzar
Ur ndum g igenna
Tamurt neg Tamezgha
Turegza d tidukla
Assa tex d usekka
Tanekra wal bdda


la vie

Quelle vie comme
La mouche dans la peau
Il n'y a personne qui vous
Regarde ni vous aide
Ces jours sont durs
Les ténèbres couvrent les jours
La lumière naît
Pourquoi étant des orphelins
La pluie tombe
Nous sommes partis à la fête
Il nous ont chassés
Nous sommes comme
On ne dure pas longtemps
Notre pays Tamazgha
La bravoure et l'amitié
Aujourd'hui et demain
Le soulèvement est indispensable


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Amedyaz d ccetwa / le poète et l'hiver

Maammer' Ah'esnaw
première moitié du XIX siècle, tiré des « Poèmes kabyles anciens » de Mouloud Mammeri (Dda Lmulud)

Amedyaz :
Ccetwa ur nes<i l<aqel
atstsa tebda-d s tura
Heggagh tam<ict d uzeqqur
<aggnegh i medden ttamma
Agguren ag ' ar nesta<mel
ur degsen telli lxedma

Ccetwa :
Nek ad ak-d ghed'legh adfel
ara-k ireglen tabburt
Lmal ik ad ak-t nghegh
atta<yu txeddem tefrut

Amedyaz :
Ad am rewlegh s Aghenjur'
anida-d cer'r'eq tafukt
Adefl im m' aa-d ighelli
ad am t-tessebla< akw tmurt

Ccetwa :
A ***' uh'uli
t-timital ik i-ts-ixellun
Babak n-teg'g'id' yud'en
kulyum haat deg wnezgum
Yemma la tmegger mejjir
haats s tiqqad gher lkanun

Amedyaz :
Ad r'uh'egh ar Ledzdzayer
tamurt m Bab Aazzun
An-n-ttekkigh am mizimer
adrim annaabb' i wserdun
A-d nawed' anketter' megzer
Ayen deg ud'nen ad h'lun

Ccetwa :
Iwimi-k heggagh Yesser
ic'c'an i tghezz ' akw leqrun
A-k isma<r'r'ed' am memeder
sseglaf din am meqjun

Amedyaz :
Nek ay lligh d igider
ur tstsekkigh deg at t't'nun
Asif annerg' ' ard izzer
ard as qqaren akw l<ayun
Mi d yebrir annembwiwel
it'ij ibded ghef leqrun
Anebdu a-t id nezger
acu mi yezmer umeghbun

Ccetwa :
Anida kem jer'r'begh texlid
f lehdem i tebnid' llsas
Ma d kem telt cchur' i tlid'
tezgid' felli d axemmas
A-d-yawed' yebrir uqsih'
awed' gher Bujlil tint'as


Poète :
L'hiver dément
A déja commencé
J'ai préparé provisions et bois
À tout le monde j'ai fait dire
Que tous ces mois j'allais faire comme si
Je n'y avais rien à faire

Hiver :
Je vais faire tomber la neige
Qui bloquera ta porte
Tu seras contraint de tuer tes bêtes
Le couteau aura fort à faire

Poète :
Je fuirai à Aghenjour
Où le soleil brille
À mesure que ta neige tombera
Elle fondra au sol

Hiver :
Oeil de bouc
Tu es de ceux qui ruinent tout
Ton père que tu as laissé malade
Chaque jour s'inquiète
Ta mère se nourrit de feuilles de mauve
Toute couverte de cautères au coin du feu

Poète :
Je vais m'installer à Alger
Près de la porte Bab-Azoun
À demeure comme l'agneau dans la bergerie
J'aurai de l'argent par monceaux
À mon retour nous ferons beaucoup de potage
Et leurs maladies guériront

Hiver :
Pourquoi crois-tu que je t'aie préparé l'Isser
Qui a rongé les angles de toutes les vallées
Il se dressera devant toi comme un mur
Tu pourras toujours aboyer devant

Poète :
Tel l'aigle
Les querelles mesquines ne m'atteignent pas
La rivière j'attendrai qu'elle baisse
Que toutes ses sources tarissent
En avril je me mettrai en route
Quand le soleil sera haut dans le ciel
Ce sera l'été je traverserai la rivière
Que pourra-t-elle alors la pauvre

Hiver :
Où je vois que tu es vain
C'est que tu batis sur des ruines
Tu n'as droit qu'à trois mois après tout
Comme mon quintenier
Avril chaud viendra et
Tu iras à Boujelil y conter tes peines.


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Poesie Kabyle

Kabyle Poet Society_part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/-OwzGshnqio&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/-OwzGshnqio&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Kabyle Poet Society_part 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/L6fTAEuBrt4&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/L6fTAEuBrt4&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Kabyle Poet Society_part 3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/GWg6LlPvxus&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/GWg6LlPvxus&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>


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J'adooooooooooooooooore ! meci chawiya ,très joli poème ;)

Ay Afrukh
ay afrukh i3alen d'ug jenna
ad'uma roH sal f yemma
ad'uma iness memmim yella
yuzzel u maTTa fi maggan inugh
amk mmekTigh TamurT inugh
ad'uma iness memmim yella
ay ayfrukh melmi ad welligh?
ghri la3wam u netch trajigh
ad'a zragh TafsuT d'i TmurT inugh.


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tanmirth sis,, yes i do also love djmel sabri,,he is such a great artist..

Pale September:/Ctember camlal:

Ctember camlal
Irdegh, asewgasa, ilan aya
Tinid d tajbibt
Ussan n tmenzukt deg wAwras
Tengewgan, zellin d fella
Tinid d leqden f eglim inu

Di tirjin unebdu
Smirent taneffa, nsint
Ul inu yesqed
Ur dis ks n titi telma

Din ibedd d
Yujerten axeclug
Yut d tinid d taziri
Yudef ad yiman inu
Am netta am utekkuk

Yemmis wudm n tmallent
Ismekteyyen nnes deg wul
Yessifs iten wechal
Ur yessin matta ay ghisen
Yissa di yufa taddart

Ghet way tilfatin unezgum
Ssudayent am zaway
Akkas ismekteyyen nnes di
Deg yiman inu
Izuran nnes zzun deg wedrar
Assa an nessen achal
D tnufli ay d yuwgi

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Why to you wake me now:/ Mmaghef a y tessikid imira:

Mmaghef a y tessikid imira
Ay azemrar n Awras?
Iwrel inu yezza
Smekti ay s idurar ani geamregh
Ani timlilit d tazeddayt
Tinid d tirjit n wul ig rewlen
Iman yefferfer, ad d iwella ad yut
A tamurt n Dihya!
Tamurt n tzemmurt!
Amestan n yag-gettun
Tagut usina deg ydurar
Tinid d tasurt tamellalt tfewk tawya nnes seg ycenga
In ay ay azemrar n Awras
Mmaghef a y tessikid imira?

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tanmirth weltma,verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good,i realy like that,go on i'll save them in my pc,we are waiting for more
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