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I found this with sheik Google so I thought it'll be nice to share it with you ALL. :tabletalk:

A visitor has sent in more ways to remember some of more confusing words in the English language:-
Commonly confused words


Heather likes the weather hot (and if there is confusion about the spelling of heather, it grows on a heath).

Whether it is here or whether it is there, whether is not quite where nor there


Place words are always "here"

Here (in this place)

There (in that place)

Where (in which place)

Nowhere (in no place)

Elsewhere (in another place)

Somewhere (in some place)

Their (it belongs to them)

Heir (it will, eventually, belong to them...)

if there is no heir, it is not theirs.

They're = "they are". The apostrophe replaces the missing letter or letters, as in don't, can't, shan't. This is the only meaning of they're.


Too has too MANY o's and this sentence does too.

This includes both contexts of too and aids spelling too. It is important to stress the word many
to avoid confusion with the number.

Q. What is the owl's telephone number?

A. Two eight - two eight - "two".

To remember the major uses of to, remember go to and to go (or to do). Remember that to matches the spelling of go and do.

Commonly miswritten letters

b and d

Write the word b e d in lower case to remember which way round the b and the d go.

It should look like a bed. The headboard and footboard should be at the end, not in the middle.

S - Write the word So.

Picture it as a snake about to eat an egg. If the s is back to front, the egg will be about to slurp up the snake!

My daughter uses the following for spelling necessary.

Never Eat Chips Eat Salad Sandwiches And Raspberry Yoghurt.
Unlike the variants on your web site, this carries a very sensible health message that does not breach trade description legislation!

A way to remember how to spell DIFFICULTY sent in by Fiona Flynn

Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FFI, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs LTY

An easy way to remember which are StalaGmites and which are StalaCtites -

StalaGmites - are in the ground

StalaCmites - are from the ceiling

Finally, a slightly risqué method of remembering the difference.

Gee, the mites fly up and see the tights fall down!

(I would point out to non-English English speakers that tights are pantyhose).

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