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salam all,

ok guys in the past few days i've seen that the shoutbox has been very busy. I just want to point out that we have rules in the forum which apply to the shoutbox. Please refrain from any kind of bad words no matter how minor they are. Words like, what the dirt or butt or any other words which can fall into the category of disrespectful. I know you guys want to be open, but since this is an open forum and we have people of all ages and walks of life, I don't want anyone to think bad of any of our members just because they said any of those words.

As a suggestion, I think that holding long discussions should take place in the chat room and there you can say what you want (to some extent :P ) so please let's keep in mind that we're trying to give people a good impression of our forums whether we're mods, admins or just normal members.


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