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Israeli Americans Stone Elderly Women In Gaza

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Israeli Americans stoning 2 Human Rights workers including an old woman and child. Notice how the soldier clearly shows bias against the HRWs. Why does that girl want the camera to be turned off?

Notice, at the beginning of the video, in the left corner there is a little Palestinian girl (with a white scarf) who these Jews were ganging up on and one of them even hits her.

Video posted by human right activists.



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i can see some ppl weren't taught to respect their elders
im sure i can bring out a list that's got more than 700 arabs that were killed by jews
she wants the camera to be turned off for the same reason the soldiers want it turned off
so ppl can't see what lihoud are actually doing "behind closed doors"

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I agree during their last offensive in to palestine about 1400 palestinians were killed and 900 of those was civilian!
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