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--poem-- 'Misunderstood'

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I say to people ‘I’m okay’
Hidin’ my sadness away
And my smiles never betray
But my heart’s losin’ its way

The world is just so lonely and cold
But I don’t reach out for people to hold
Because a pair of hands cost more than gold
And I don’t want to have my soul sold

People always misunderstand
When they’re tryin’ to understand
Like you are usin’ your own hand
Buildin’ up a castle of sand

I never cry like a child beggin’ for ice-cream
Although there are times I find it just hard to scream
I never hope for a life or dream that will gleam
Because my life is gone and I don’t have a dream

People always used to come around breakin’ my heart
And then tellin’ me they didn’t shoot it with the dart
My love’s never grabbed an opportunity to start
Because no heartaches never quickly top the sales-chart

What do I truly want?
An everlasting sun?
Or temporary fun?

Who am I lookin’ for?
Someone I’ve met before?
Or just behind the door?

Why do I have to go?
Can I ever say no?
Or I got to leave so?

Where am I headin’ to?
A peaceful place will do?
Or a well-visited zoo?

When do I get to know?
When my flame’s goin’ low?
Or my light starts to glow?


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wow wow wow I like it so much . Carry on fascinating us . U really have an artistic taste nd a poet spirit .