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19 people killed in Terrorist Attacks Algeria

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Take a look at this , its shocking

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I know I heard about it yesterday. It's actually 24 people dead. I don't understand our stupid police. All it takes is one phone call, and they should circulate the whole area with InfraRed helicopters and SWAT team. Believe me, it's really that simple. To kill this many people takes good planning, somebody on the inside told these terrorists that a convoy is passing by. I can't think of it any other way.

You see these terrorists are becoming smart, they are wearing flack jackets and using wirless phones and night vision. Is Zerhouni bringing new techonology to the table for the military/police? I very much doubt it.

We cannot sit and wait for terrorists to come down... we need to go up and smoke them out. They are dragging us back into the dark ages.

Bouteflika needs to do something about this and NOW!!!
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Yes this is really shocking ... and it shows that these people doing things like that are ill and have to be eleminated ... What do they want to reach with such actions ... ??!! :mellow: killing their own brothers ...

I don't want to defend the government, cause it is also not that innocent ... the whole system there ...

but this is definetly the wrong way what these criminals are doing!!!!

Inshaallah this "fitna" will end soon ...
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wallahi ghir fitna ta3 essa7.... Are we going backwards??? what's being done about these criminals??





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we're watching our country being ruined and going backward, we're standing aside watching it being deteriorated and keeping ourselves busy with stupid things.
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this is really sad, i live in the west, and hamdolillah we don't have nay of these security problems, yet, we are being ruined by other kinds of problems, and i feel very sad for what is happening in the capital and the east side, i really wish things change
if these people have a problem with the government why don't they just go directly to the government, a military man is another algerian citizen, and he only obeys the orders prescribed to him,
these events are giving our country a bad reputation outside, and all people see us as poor deteriorated victims and dangerous terrorrists, we live just to survive, this has to be changed, not only by words, there's a great lack of unity in here

there is a great need for change and peace.

we all need to pray for our country