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Ramadan Events Competition Rules

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salam everyone,

inshallah all of you are enjoying and trying to get as much benefit asyou can from this holly month, may Allah swt help us be our best andhelp us enrich our souls during this great month.

I thought of starting something here which I thought would be very beneficial for all of us and at the same time interesting.

Basically, We want each one to pick an event which happened during Ramadan and it has to be a Historic event which relates to Either Islam (Islamic World) or to Algeria. Each even would need to be on a separate topic of course.

Each topic needs to have a proper title and in the topic description it will need to have the date of the even in the following format ( Hijri / Roman <-- normal date for those wondering )

Now, the purpose of this is to get people to read your topic and you can have as many topics as you want. Remember that if you submit a topic which has already been posted, it will be deleted.

We want creativity in writing please, I don't want people copy pasting a big block of text because I myself won't read it even if it's a great event. Please make representable and interesting. Members will then vote on the topic using the reputation system and by the end of the month we'll see who will have the best topic inshallah.

Here is how everyone should evaluate the topic:

Topic's Interest Level - Was it interesting?? or was it just another article you read?

Topic's Writing style - was it clear? was it well written? did it make sense?

Topic's Length - was it too short?? was it too long??

If you're satisfied with all of the above then it deserves your +

Also, be creative doesn't mean that it has to be an article :oioi: it can be ANTYHING you can have only pictures.... you can make your own video (it has to be a video made by you can't be taken from youtube) of course unless you want to write and then use a youtube video as an extra media reference then sure go ahead, but remember, the length of your video will add to the length of your article so make sure it's very interesting ;)

There is a possibility that the winner will receive a gift... I'm still thinking about it, inshallah I'll let you know what it is at a later date

Go right ahead and start everyone good luck!! smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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Baraka Allaho feek.. great idea.
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well that's a great idea :thumbup:

and I get it now :D
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