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Riots in Diar shems Algiers

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Algiers- The situation has degenerated in Diar Echems, in the municipality of El Madania, a suburb of the capital Algiers. The inhabitants, men, women and children expressed their fed by violent clashes against the police forces who came in reinforcement and used heavy means, including a helicopter to try to restore public order.

Dozens of youths descended in Diar Echems and began to build illegal houses on a land reserved for the construction of a stadium as a sign of protest against the conduct of the Mayor who, according to them, has awarded two homes to two women including a divorced one and who did not need them.

The angry youths were carrying knives, including swords. Some shouted "These are the swords that you deserve", addressing the elements of law enforcement. Rioters burned tires and shot projectiles at security elements who tried to prevent them from building on that land. They refused to listen to the mayor, who came accompanied with the Secretary General of the municipality and demanded his departure. They requested the presence of the wali (Governor) in person to explain their multiple problems.

The protesters intend to pursue their claims and the tension still persists until now. They promised to “continue the protest if the Wali didn’t come”, as the rioters say. This may take a serious turn, especially with these young people excited by anger due to Hogra (injustice) and known problems such as unemployment, overcrowding and bad living conditions that led to a General fed.

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ok i have seen this issue on alwatan earlier but I am still confused as to what has started this. The motive is clear and that is lack of housing, injustice and so on.
I dont understand what the waali will be able to do about this, but it can easily be resolved. Build More HOUSES!.

Developers are no longer interested to indulge in such projects because they no longer yield a great return due to the rising prices of construction materials.
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no it's not about building more houses bro, it's more about giving them to the people who deserve them and need them. If you have ma3rifa you can easily get 2 apartments through the people you know, even though you don't qualify.... that's the problem..