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A Voice for Palestine

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Assalamualaikum everyone.

Some of my friends recently started this project/Facebook group that is trying to achieve a compilation of (mostly fictional) short stories and poems about the current situation in Palestine to compile and publish them and therefore 'spread the word'. Visit their page and read the Info section to learn more:


As the page states, you don't have to be Palestinian to submit an entry, and you can submit unlimited stories; the more, the better.
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Thank you for sharing with us this idea of your friends bro.

I really find that very very good mashaallah, to keep the topic "Palestine" alive in every generation...
Cause we shall never forget how our brothers and sister suffer there and we shall always do our best to inform and to help as much as we can inshaallah, before our heart becomes stony and unsensible and forget the importance of Palastine and about our sisters and brothers dying there every day by israeli crimes ...
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