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Egypt face punishment by FIFA

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So I am sure you all remember the heartless and wild Egyptian fans who attacked the Algerian bus with stones just before the World Cup qualifier match in Cairo that injured 4 of our players. I wont even get into how shameful that was of the Egyptians and my whole opinion about it because this is not what this thread is for...

Anyhow, 7 months later, FIFA release an official statement on their website stating Egypt is banned from having 2 matches in Cairo. As much as I would have liked for the consequence to be worse, I am still satisfied that they got punished for what they did. This also settles all previous controversy BS and proves that Egypt were at fault and not Algeria. They face a ban of 2 matches from playing 100 kilometres away from Cairo and in addition, they've to be a fine of CHF 100,000.

The official FIFA Statment can be found here

What do you guys think ? Fair enough consequence ? Share your thoughts.

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Well, the punishment is nothing. I bet the first 2 matches are 'away' matches anyways, and the 100,000 CHF - nothing.

I think it was a symbolic punishment that confirmed that the fans really hurt our players, and not like they said (they threw stones at themselves etc.), and that the Egyptian FA didn't take enough security measures to protect them.

Anyways, most of us were hoping for an apology; THAT still didn't come.



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That's nothing !! But I guess the FIFA is KAFIFA kima qal Baqi ta3 echourouk..
They deserve ktar...Clearly there's something going on between Fifa an egypt..

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I totally agree with everyone that this is not a fair punishment at all. You guys remember the Turkey incident against Switzerland and for that small fight between the players, Turkey was to play 6 of its home games on neutral grounds then reduced it to 3 games after the players and association apologized.

FIFA has reduced sanctions it imposed on the Turkish soccer association for trouble at a qualifying match, world soccer's ruling body said

Turkey will now play only its next three competitive home matches at neutral venues without fans -- rather than the six matches originally imposed in February

Meeting in Berlin on Saturday, FIFA's appeal committee said it had received apologies from the association and also from Turkish midfielder Emre Belozoglu and Swiss midfielder Benjamin Huggel for wrestling each other to the ground at last November's game in Istanbul

but in our case, our players were beaten and hurt physically and they only got 2 games???

I personally think that a deal was made to forgive Belhadj and allow him to play in the world cup in exchange for a less severe punishment for the egyptians :think:




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I dnt think u can even call it a punishment <_<
they pretty much got away with it and I dnt kno if u guys saw their team's interview after they heard abt the punishments or not but they said that it doesn't matter to them cuz they're used to not playing in Egypt anyways and that Allah (swt) is on their side and that's why they were treated fairly smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':S' />
but Like our players said ''rabbi issahil 3lla al massreyeen , we dnt think abt them cuz our thoughts are abt the world cup'' so yeah they can just die of jealousy lol

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