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Prince DZ

Prince DZ
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was surfing the forum a while ago, nd didnt find anything abt any online or strategy games, so i thought i post this nd c what happens.
to be honest im addicted to games or in another word Gameholic, i hav to play at least 2-3 per day or i dnt feel right.....nd some of the games im playing now are:

Rappelz http://rappelz.gpotato.com/
Aika http://aika.gpotato.com/
Aion http://na.aiononline.com/

Word in conflict
Age of empire 3
Empire of Earth 3
Red alert 5

and all those are the one i remember nd still in my PC.......cz the list is still long.
Enough abt me , what abt u??? do u like Games??? are u addicted ??? if yes wt games u play???
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    A Legal Algerian

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haven't played in a while bro.. but used to be into red alert 2 and Battlefield 2.
Might look into getting BF Bad Company 2 for pc
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The Big Algeria

The Big Algeria
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oh! adicted, not any more.

my favorite games are: Red Alert 3, CSS, Hitman, Commandos and some of the popcap games.

play them when i got some free time :D


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i think this topic will be a great one for Hayamoto , he's a gameholic too lol where is he anyway ?? i haven't seen him in a while here!!!!!
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oh man.... it's been soooo long since I played games, but definitly my all time favourite game is Age of Empires, I was addicted to AoE 2 when I was young, but now no time to play it. I did try AoE 3 and it's got amazing graphics.

I have a PS3 and the only game I play every now and then is either God of War III or Fifa 10 :D