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99 Names of Allah

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I was hearing this madee7 (or nasheed) when I was younger everyday in Ramadan. It came in one Ramadan, in a tunisian channel and always when we started to eat Iftar, this madee7 came and so I have learned by heart the first 50 names of Allah swt and still didnt forget them hamdulillah (even I didnt practise them for years...). I found the madee7 in youtube and wanted to share it and also encourage us all to learn and understand the names of Allah swt inshaallah.


and here the names in english translation also (and in slow motion ^^). I didnt watch any name translated. But I hope that they are all true. If someone notice something wrong please tell me, so we dont spread false informations. :


PS: the pictures in the end of the videos showing names of Allah swt in people or animals (as marks) are to take with precaution, cause I am not sure if they are all true or made by Photoshop or by people who wanna make hoodwink people to laugh about them.
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I visited http://dkir.com/99-names-of-allah/ and the 99 names of Allah are placed beautifully on their website to understand. Anyone can learn the 99 names of Allah, the website also shows proof of where the names came from, they came from The Quran ayats and also some from hadiths, inshallah it will be beneficial for anyone who try to learn 99 Names of Allah even if you learn one name of Allah and use it in your life it will be beneficial Insha Allah.