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The fastest goalkeeper ever

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So what do u think guys, could you outrun this man ?

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what a fantastic SAVE!!! Credit to the Keeper!!!
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hahaha Joe Hart is hillarious.. never knew he was that fast of a runner though :P




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Hahahaha, That was Awesome!!

You know when things like this happen, it could either end GREAT or REALLY BAD! There is no in Between lol.

He got lucky but if he tripped on the way back [ Which am sure would've been more Awesome! And much more amusing lol ] he would've been in a lot of trouble and probably the new joke of football lol.

Thanks for sharing this!

To answer your question ... depends
on which type of shoes am wearing at the time Haha! :P

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WOW! At One POint I Even thought it was fake! Amazing!!!
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