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DZ Pres promising the ppl money

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Esalaam everyone

Did everyone see the news corverage yesterday when the gove/pres promised the give money to the ppl who wanted to start p rojects to better Algeria? I have not read one word of it online.

I was shocked since it seemed to be a scam. Giving out loans freely (from the bank) not the gov trasury only to be paid back with high interest! And the pres demanding salaries of workers to be paid (LOL workers unpaid for lonths and yrs!!!) unbelievable this is happening and unbelievable officals sit there praising these efforts on TV!

why has there not been any coverage online?

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well I don't have television but I know I read about this few days ago, about a week or more, have you checked on TSA or el Watan? I know I read it somewhere but I can't remember it. Now whether it is real or not, the government is trying to avoid the revolution like the ones taking place in North African countries, many changes have been made in my hometown in January, like people being recruited, "Daira" responsibles telling their employees to talk nicely and politely to the people asking for jobs, etc.
The government tries to make the people satisfied to forget their anger, that's why the state of emergency has been finally put to an end in dz, young people have the right to have those social housing that the government offers to some people and this monetary help.