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Can't Guess it !

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Snow White Queen

Snow White Queen
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salam everyone ^_^

So I am stuggling to explain this statement below, i find it full of ambiguity :

Apart from blackness of her blackness, she had to suffer the pain of being isloated from society because of physical deformity .

What do you think blackness of her blackness mean? can you guess anything from it ?





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First thing that popped into my head was that she's of dark complexion and that was considered as a thing to get out-casted for it.
I dunno, if it was an inner thing it would be called darkness and not blackness, no?
Who is SHE anyway? :D
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γΝγΟ - Mohammed

γΝγΟ - Mohammed
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Sounds like its in reference to the color of her skin.

ps sheikh google provides the following link

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she is not isolated because of her colour, but because of her deformity. That's what's painful about all this
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ya her deformity is causing the isolation but that's on top of her skin color which could already be causing her to be isolated in the first place, but the statement is kinda vague, because the first blackness refers to something else we're not aware of.