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Unstable lifestyle

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Many Algerians have an unstable lifestyle, mainly that of the constant shifting between south and north for those who work in oil companies. Of course they are well payed, and they have access to many luxuries (altough lately many of them have been complaining of illtreatment and lack of respect from the administrations of these companies). Such workers have to spend about one month (sometimes 40 days) in the South and one month in their homes. Yet, such lifestyle is tiresome. How long could one keep moving each month back and forth? I have a friend who hasn't seen her father for 6 months, because when she is home he is in the south and vice versa, her younger sister sees him once in three months because she's at University and goes home once in three weeks.
What do you think of such a lifestyle?
and are you ready to have it?
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I worked one week a month off site in Oran and Bejaia while I worked in Algiers and this wasn't bad until I got married. Then it was hard to leave my wife so I took her with me until I finished my contract and changed the travel part. Alhamdullilah she had the holiday time from her job because it was fun to travel in Algeria together. It only lasted for about 4 or 5 months and then I re-negotiated my contract. While working in Bejaia I met Algerian men who worked in Hassi Messaoud and I worked there for a couple of weeks and I understand what Apocolypse is saying, but I wonder if the families would be better off with far less money to buy clothes and food not to mention schools and education.

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