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Snow White Queen

Snow White Queen
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a question that come to my mind quite often lately and I want to hear the answer from you guys :

Do you think that there has been a lack of respect in our society recently?
If so, what do you think is the cause of this happening?

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Good question sister... I think that the human race in general is moving towards an era where Respect for someone would mean weakness.

In North America for example, we have this concept where people from a very young age were taught to speak their mind and to have an opinion. "you're free to say what you think"

This mentality is definitely a great concept if, of course, it had boundaries. Unfortunately we no longer have boundaries towards our elders, our parents, teachers, etc. This enables us to say whatever we want and in however way we want to. I personally think that this has a HUGE impact on how respect is lost within the human genome, let alone a specific sect of people, race, or society.

Also, we now live in a "free" world, where you have every right to say whatever you want in any form you want because it's part of democracy!!! If you stop me from doing such a thing, you then are preventing me from my own human right.

A third reason, which still boggles my mind and I can't find the slightest possible answer to, is the fact that parents are becoming more and more lenient as time goes on.

We all know the stories our parents told us of how their parents beat them and how... We all know how our parents beat us (the older ones of us at least)....

then there is a generation after our parents who didn't use much "beating" but instead, they used "punishment" in other forms....

and now there are these new parents (like my young uncles) who just let it all happen, no one has the right to talk to their kids nor tell them what they can or can't do, LET ALONE YELL AT THEM OR BEAT THEM. We all know when that happens in front of the kids, what these kids start doing right??? They start to do exactly what annoyed you most knowing that you can't do anything about it... Which in my opinion is the first steps to disrespecting elders.

These points, in my opinion, play a very integral part in eliminating the concept of respect in all its forms very gradually, but very effectively :(


The Big Algeria

The Big Algeria
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Very good topic indeed;
Yes of course there's a big lack of respect and its gonna Extincted... if its not already!!!
and its cause of the lack/absence of the Islamic education of the parents/children.