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What do you want right now?

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That's amazingly thin!
It almost looks fragile smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':S' />



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oh it certainly does... I own one and it's perfect.. i love it!!... if you're looking for a lighter weight then get it's brother the MacBook Air

I love the backlit keyboard :D
Well compared to other laptops (Dell, Toshiba etc) it doesn't.
I did consider the MacBook Air, I looked at the price first and found it suprisingly cheaper ( such an Algerian :P) , then I checked out the specifications and it turned out that it only has 64GB of flash storage, whereas the Pro has 320GB... And they've got an offer now...500GB instead of 320 and they've increased the price by 200SR.
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Done is better than perfect.



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I've never heard of "kunafeh" before ... but I just want it now, it must be so yummy !!

habib, you are welcome around mine anytime and I will serve you one. There is a turkish place just down the road from me. They even do Mendhi la7m or Dajaj... Kunafeh comes after ;)
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