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Smart but lack social skills??

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Ever dealt with someone who's very intelligent/smart in a certain area or domain but are very awkward socially and cannot carry out a normal 1-to-1 conversation with anyone??

well I suggest you read the following article about a study that's been done:

Have you ever meet someone who is highly intelligent at a certain area but totally lack social skills? Sometimes, that person can be downright rude but do not seemed to be aware of his effect on people. And you are not the only person with that complains- other people also said that they were hurt by his behavior. Or as a wife, you may have feel that you have married a man with no disregard for your feelings and seemed like a social outcast.

Before you take it to heart and become hurt by his behavior, you (and him) may not realize that this person could be an Aspie. Meaning he has the Asperger syndrome- which is one of the spectrum of autism. The condition is usually undiagnosed because this person usually does not behave like the usual autistic child. The person grows up dealing with criticism, rejection and having a serious problem relating to those around him. This further make this person retreat into his shell and become even more introvert.

Read more from the Source


I have met too many of these people that I've lost count and will very soon lose faith in the human race because of this. I no longer can carry out a normal conversation with people, because i'll either get a reply which maybe very out of context and weird, or a joke that went horribly wrong which would make the situation very awkward... I can go on, but i rather not because i'll just end up getting mad again at something that I can't find a solution to.... btw not all the ones i met are "smart"... but i personally think the internet is screwing people's social skills and the ability to interact and communicate with one another face to face.




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They're too engrossed in memorising every single book thats out, being smart or trying to be smart..To the extent where they disconnect themselves from the outside world.
How is their relationship with their parents and siblings then? How do they go out shopping..?

The internet, well those who seem to be inconfident in real life are suddenly full of confidence on the internet, they have plenty of e-courage which develops in e-personalities. Face them is real-life and they'll try and avoid you fearing that you'll bring up something that'll make them cringe!

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Beebo n Omeyma i think the one's u r talking about aren't the same case as the ones in the blog , i mean the blog is talking about a syndrome while ur meaning people who are very social in social networks but not so much in the real world.

Firstly , the blogs case , I know some people like that , one of them is very close to me he is very intelligent ( mashalla ), also rude and incredibly straight forward , always has issues with elders and people in higher ranks. Honestly i wish to be always surrounded with people with Asperger syndrome , we sometimes need poeple to tell us the truth with no compliments , plus we could use some smart people around us ha !.

n this symptom is really obvious with this person that i know :

Have a certain interest- quite narrow range but exceptionally good at it- to the point of a genius sometimes- for example, good at mental calculations, can remember names and events very precisely, good at history with the dates and events, etc. And once that person talks about his favorite topic- his eyes lit up and he can even talk with expression- but unfortunately his subject of interest is usually not shared by his friends/ relatives

Secondly , the social in the internet n not so much in real life case , I used to know many of these people back in UAE , but here in ALG there aren't much of them , obviously the internet is the main reason , some of these people are smart some aren't but i think mostly they are smart , u just wouldn't know if they are because u can't have decent conversation with them , but once u get used to them n they start feeling comfortable while talking to u , then n only then u will know them n understand them n know how smart they r.

I think i myself used to be one of these people , not sure if i still am lol ,for me , It was very hard communicating with people , n i seriously couldn't understand people , but i think now i know people better n i can keep a conversation going , no problem ( proud of that lol :D ) , i admit i used to be a loner !.

N u can't always blame the other person for not keeping up with u while having a conversation , most cases people u first meet tend to talk about very general subjects n mostly shallow stuff , i find that very boring n i myself try to end the conversation , bite me but i seriously won't waste my time talking about something i don't find interesting.

If u happen to meet a person like that , don't rush to judge , get to know them first then judge them.

It’s sad that such people are constantly misunderstood- and is unfairly so. Usually, because they spend their entire lives dealing with people keep ‘rejecting’ them, they would become more withdrawn.

We would never think of getting angry at a paralyzed person on why he cannot walk. Similarly, when you meet folks with these symptoms, don’t get angry with them when they display lack of empathy or raise their voice when you are constantly making last minute changes or demands.

So take it easy on socially awkward people :rolleyes:

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Yes I went off topic, so there are two cases now: The Asp. Syndrome and those who have e-personalities(I started this one off lol)

I still didn't get the chance to meet anyone with the Asp. Syndrome just yet...


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Have u guys watched the movie "Rain Man" with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman ? This movie talks about the journey of two brothers, one of them (Dustin Hoffman) suffers from a severe type of autism.

This movie is based on the story of a real character ; Mr. Kim Peek, this guy has an extraordinary or Eidetic memory, I once watched a documentary abou this guy on Aljazeera, and they talked about him going to Oxford or Cambridge I don't remember where exactly, el mohim, he was in huge lecture theater and faced to the best college students and he was challenged to answer all their questions, and the guy was just unbeatable :mellow:

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