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To ease the pain of losing a Loved one Insha'Allah

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Losing someone we Love can be unbearable, it not only tests our strength but also our faith in accepting Al-Qatha'a wa Al-Qadar [fate and destiny]. But Allah (swt) is the most merciful, He promised us to be reunited with our most beloveds in Paradise where there will be no sorrow or pain, and no more waiting or missing anyone if we make the right choices on earth and work for our 'Happily ever after' [Jannah] . For those of you thinking, but I cant wait that long to see my family again, God created us and He knows us better than we know ourselves, which is why His kindness knows no limits, and Has granted us the ability to once again be with those we have loved and lost when we die.

As Muslims we know that Death is not the End, its merely the beginning........

Insha'Allah we are amongst the ones whom their good deeds will be accepted and their graves would be of those who are to enter Heaven.


~~~ Peace out ~~~

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