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Can we force people to get married?

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There's been this picture going around facebook recently and to be honest I really don't like it at all, its about forcing people to get married once they reach the age of 25. I don't think anyone has the right to force people to get married! Where is Islam does it say its okay to do so?? What really confuses me is that most of the pages who have been posting and supporting it are supposed to be Islamic ones smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':S' /> We already have our Shari3a rules, or do they think that perhaps Allah (swt) forgot to mention something and its up to them to bring it up?

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If you want to help young people to get married then you can start some projects, for example : you can give a house to new married couples like a flat or something. You can pay for the weddings. You can have a certain amount of money given to each man who plans to start a family or his own business in order to get married etc... There are many things that can be done but Forcing people is not one of them. And that's what I think ...... what do you guys think?

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What about giving some money to a woman who wants to get married or start a business to eventually get married :P

In more seriousness, I think it's a horrific thing to do. Forcing marriage upon someone is basically dooming them to an unhappy marriage and consequently an unhappy life...


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Are these strangers forcing pple to get married or family?