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Short story

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-she was very pretty and he was ugly person..she study with him.. she never noti ce that he exist ..one day her pen fall near her feet ..he try to bring it ..but she look at him.. she said he is freaky and weird ..he wear a old cloth ..some brothers cloth..a trousers was big ..he fix it with father belt... and his shoes are torn ..he never wear new cloth .. he had old suitcase ..she was very rich . . she never saw him ! he was very stupid to believe that a rich girl love a poor boy ..he imagine with his big shoes .. and torn trouser he will catch her love .. even his teacher to ld him .. you are so stupid to come here with those old cloth ..what you think . ....it's a party dress !!! her love grow up in his heart .. he was very humble .. she smile with everyone . .he thought if she smile mean she love him .. he sneak to her home .. he never know where she live .. he was thirsty ..he walk ed and walked ..and ring at door he feel something strange.. oh my god she come out and saw him she was napping she bring him a water .. he told her bye .. but ...a big mistake happen ..he feel she love him.. because no one do .. he look li ke a weired guy .. with old cloth ..wear like homeless .. he back and ring at door ..her mom see hi m and said what you want ..he said i want to talk to your daughter!!! in reality no one feel he can talk ..his speech was like mumbling he said again her name ..she insult him ..beat him ..he run ..but where!! he run and run until his legs hurt ..want to hide ..look like he kill someone .. no one stop him ..he... saw people ..stare .. he glance at any place ..he want t o hide ! he find a garbage ..he still there until the night .. mom of his classm ate ..went to see his family .. and warn them if he comeback she will call polic e ! her friend's name Cathy .. she was pretty .. and she was upset .. she never like him .. she meet him in the school she warn him again and she told what her mom said to the principal ..teacher were very upset .. a stupid guy ..never get A .. do that to brilliant girl ..a clever of school .. fred.. was his name .. was be ating by his father ..he use a belt ..he never speak to him .. he and other memb er of family saw him like idiot .. "time went and memory stay" she wrote this in blackboard ..when he stare to her .. she never forget the sight of her father .. a stupid poor man did that to her .. she even wanted to hire someone to beat him again ..he never understand at a ll ..after years of that incident ..he search about her again .. she meet him in the street and he want to talk to her ..she hide her face and said .. let's go off me .. let me alone ..please fred .. i don't like you .. i never did .. you a re so stupid to understand this.."