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every day i woke up with bitter i don't know why ? even days are better but still hate watch and clock near my pillow at night i woke up every hour maybe the thing i had in my brain some doctor called cancer and some ...other called stone but i know isn't that at all my mom used to say ..when i w as in her soul she felt at the ground ...when i ask her about heavy paper like s tone she answered with whisperer don't afraid son it's just special things you h ad ! a gift you earn ! now after many years ..i still have pain in my brain ..humble life and dark side .. until the day when i saw her ..she break my grid come with her nice smile and pretty hair .. she joint my two sides .. open gate between two distance .. pain and bright heart she always teach me never afraid the future .. she stay at street ..scratch her cheek with nice nail finger ..for her i was a last safe place but for me she was an open space .. i can speak without fear of fate .. i can speak loudly and mumbling ..i stay near her in pavement a side walk i have been there ! after many year ..i back to see her if she is there live in pavement had luggage with her .. i don't believe she wasn't there .. i ask every one .. where is she .. she wasn't here ..

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