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Gaddafi is Dead

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Mimi Sweety

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I think Algerian people felt compassionate and sympathized with Gaddafi because the way he died was horrendous and shoking!! his dead body was mishandled and mistreated!

Lybians should have respected him after his death, we know that he is not an angel and he committed many horrible crimes against humanity and he was really a tyrant but at least he deserved a fair trial.
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Yes, I think too that Algerians felt compassionate about the horrible and savage death of Gaddafi.

I think that Gaddafi represents, just like S. Hussein did, the image of the Arab. You know, the Arab who defies the West, who says what he wants, without being afraid. That image of the proud Arab, is something very important in the conscience of us all.

On the other side, the NTC (just like the Political parties in Irak post-S. Hussein) has an image which shows submission to the West, to america, europe etc....

Gaddafi always said that he was just a simple Beduin. The press showed us that he had a very simple life. Kuskus with lben or camel's meat, always moving. I haven't seen him wearing a tuxedo or things like that. He always wore his traditional clothes, and was somewhat proud of his culture and "africanness".

Even though he did do and say some pretty crazy things.

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