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English Teams Crash out of Europe's top Competitions

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After both Manchester teams crashed out of the Champions League and dropped into the Europa League, many thought that both teams will end up facing each other in the final of the Europa League. To their dismay, both teams ended up getting eliminated against their first Europa League's opponents.

In the past couple of weeks we saw how 3 of England's top teams crash out of Europe's top competitions. Arsenal were eliminated against a weak AC Milan team (sorry but I'm a Juve fan and I was born to hate Milan) in the Champions League, Manchester United eliminated by Bilbao and Manchester City by Sporting. Of all three games, I think Manchester City's game should be the biggest disappointment for the English. England's best club interms of squad depth and league position loses against a very moderate 4th place Portuguese team.

Let's not forget about Chelsea, Chelsea didn't impress me one bit in their game against Napoli. Luck was definitely on their side on that night, because Napoli was the much dominant side throughout the normal regulation time. I think that Napoli would've had a much better chance winning the later stages of the competition than Chelsea does due to the fact that Chelsea are not stable as a team. From the sacking of their managers, to the drought of their most expensive player, to the racism charges against their captain, and lastly to their sickening displays in the last few weeks.

So, has the premier league finally been taken over by the Spanish league as the strongest league in europe? Is this the beginning of the decline? will we see more leagues such as the German or the Italian leagues surpass it?


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I think english teams are overrated in general. When the players join the club they get glorified to such a level that they can never reach, have cash thrown at them left right and centre and very soon start to slack. They ought to take a paycut because they are not really performing.
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