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Would you tell?

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IF you saw you friend's partner cheating on them with someone else, would you tell them?

A woman I know told me she knows her friend's husband is cheating on her but she didnt tell her, because she didnt wanna ruin her marriage. But isnt her marriage already ruined since the husband is cheating?

Would you tell you friend or let them find out on their own?

More importantly , if you were the friend..... would you want to know?

What do you think is the right thing to do?

Lets hear your opinion e-dzers ......

~~~ Peace out ~~~

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How does she know? What has she seen, if she has seen anything? Or has she just heard this as a rumour? I would tread extremely carefully if I were in her position. It would be difficult to tell the husband himself, and even more difficult to tell the wife (that is if she doesnt already suspect something, which would be surprising, if there truly were something going on)

Unless the women is 100% sure she should not say anything. Otherwise she I think she ought to inform a trusted family member of his. Wether it be his parents (especially if he is a young man) or older brother etc.

What she shouldn't be doing is going around telling her mates.
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Well it certainly depends on who is he cheating with. You see, if he had a past relationship which really impacted him, and he’s trying to get married hoping that this ‘new legitimate’ relationship would miraculously heal his wound...Well it might..but anyway, u get the point innit.

If he is cheating with a new girl, then Allah yahdih.

Would I tell my friend? Depends. Like Mohammed said, you have to be 100% sure that he is actually cheating on her, because these are stories that end up just as they started, leaving the poor girl with more questions than answers.

Would I want to know? H-ll yeah.

As an Arab proverb perfectly says, ‘alwiqaya kahyroun mina al 3ilaj’...

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You always come with these khaliji like series stories :P hahaha
Anyways, as Moh'd said,

What she shouldn't be doing is going around telling her mates.

It wouldn't be very wise to go around speading people's business.

I wouldn't look at this kind of situation from a girl's point of view. Firstly, girls these days don't understand men.(Men go out to work and see a lot of attractive women dressed neatly. They go back home and they find a wife wearing a jebba and smelling of bsal... :P) Secondly, the guy is obviously missing something in his own "legal" relationship.
As for telling my friend, hhhhhmmmm no, i wouldn't tell her. I try to keep myself out of people's relationships. If i was certain, I'd let her see for herself...
Would i want to know.... Well, my hubby will never lift his eyes and look at other girls, let alone CHEAT. If he did, he can do as he pleases, divorce papers will be waiting for him as soon as i find out isA : ) "there are plently of fish in the sea"...
El-7al 3nd el-7aja 5o5a.....
If it was my friend i'd take her to the crime seen and pretend it was a coincidence. << 7arakat (movie style)

who is he cheating with

qteltini beda7k :D
If she was hotter than my friend it's ok?? as u like... : )

‘alwiqaya kahyroun mina al 3ilaj’...

sa7 lsanek (even though mashi ta3ek) : )





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Depends what his wife looks like.... (only kidding)... I would speak to him and never get involved with him again. I might want to know the details of how he got away with it for so long.. personal interest only...
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