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A real story about Husn al khatimah

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This is a real story one of my students told me . This man was hated by everyone who knew him, he used a lot of bad words, didn't pray always [on and off] and wasn't very friendly with his neighbors, but he was a good father and husband. He worked hard to make sure his family will have a good life.

In their city, lived a widow with 5 children, every time this man would buy food or school supplies or anything else for his children, he would buy the same for those orphans. Whatever he buys for his family, he buys the same for that widow and her children. And every time he does that she makes Duaa for him ''Allahuma Ahsin khatimatahu'' ''Allahuma ourzuqhu 7usna al khatimah'' she would always make Duaa for him to have a happy ending of his life.

After years of doing that. One day one of his neighbors who was planning his trip to mecca to preform hajj, had a dream about this man, he saw in the dream that Allah (swt) wanted him to take the man to Haj with him. At first he thought it was just a dream, But he kept having it again and again till finally he knew this dream was message.

So he went to see that man and told him about his dream, the man said in an angry tone ''am not paying for haj, are you crazy?? I don't have that kind of money!''

But he told him ''don't worry I will pay for everything , all you have to do is just come with me''

So he agreed, in mecca he was praying in al Masjid al haram and his heart was so attached to Allah (swt) that he didn't want to leave or go home. But the day did come and it was time for them to return. Before going back he said to him, ''oh please, let me pray one more time in Al Masjid al haram before we go home, I just miss al kaaba so much already!'' and so he went to pray. After hours of waiting for him, the man went to see where did he go and the reason behind his delay.

He found him in the sujood position, he died while praying in Mecca in al masjid al haraam after preforming Haj.

~~~ Peace out ~~~

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