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Safety of Algerian ahyaa chaabia at night

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Am gonna be spending few days with my aunt and her kids in Rghaya, its where they live. At 2 : 30 a.m on the streets women were walking outside alone and no one talked to them or tried to hurt them! Girls were playing with their dolls and playing bita outside and were safe! Little children were racing down the road, old people playing domino and talking. Men drinking coffee in the chairs they brought from home and put outside to enjoy this wonderful night!

Ahyaa chaabia are very safe in Algeria, even safer than high class areas, because here everyone knows everyone, and they keep an eye out for strangers and people watch out for one another, its just really amazing and beautiful Masha'Allah. I had a great time in such a night! I just love these kind of places, where you can truly feel the real Algerian spirit!

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That's how most of areas used to be WF, I remember the same thing during my childhood. However, things have changed since the last 15 to 20 yrs in Algeria. We can't openely admit that Algeria is a safe country. It will not come back to those days until every household has food on the table. Only then people will start to fear Allah swt.
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