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Women have the right to smoke and drink

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For some reason in Algeria and most Arab countries, men are allowed to smoke, drink and do whatever but somehow if a woman does the same she is called names.


Now am not asking women to smoke or drink - am against both actually and I think no one should smoke or drink cuz it's bad for your health and drinking is hram and really bad too.


But why is it that when you see a man smoking, he's just a man but if you see a woman smoking she is bad and tagged?!



Drinking is haram and Allah (swt) did not only forbid women to drink, It's not allowed for men either. Yet here when they see a man drinking they say "Oh rabbi yahdih' [May Allah (swt) guide him] but when they see a woman drinking they don't make Duaa for her but rather yed3ou 3lliha [make duaa against her and is marked]



How is that acceptable? Shouldn't we be telling everyone it's bad for your health to smoke instead of saying : If you smoke you're the man but if you're a woman then you might as well be dead.


Isn't drinking forbidden by Isalm and ALL Muslims should not drink and not women only?



What do you think?



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I never saw Algerian women smoking until one day when I had an appointment in the university section of Algiers near Ben Aknoun. I was early for the appointment so I went into a cafeteria for tea. I was sitting by myself and after about 15 minutes a group of women came in. I was shocked to see them all start to smoke and I thought that they were probably attending the university and were more "liberal". My shock wasn't because the women were smoking it was because I thought that the reason I didn't see women smoking in Algeria was because they are smarter than the men.   :chill: 

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I don't think that anyone should smoke and I am particularly against drinking. However, I get what you're saying. Why the double standard? I feel like that is just the way of the world and in cultures with more defined gender roles, it kind of comes with the package. Not too long ago in Western countries, when gender roles were much more defined, it was actually illegal for women to smoke at all, let alone in public. Most Arab women I know who do smoke, you'd never know for sure if they smoke unless you were really good friends because they only smoke in their homes on occasion. As for why is it okay for men and not women, I don't think that women nor men should smoke, but for women there are a few extra factors that should be considered with tobacco use. While it is TERRIBLE for men and those around them, women have a few extra things to consider. For one, if she takes oral contraceptives (the pill) and some other hormonal contraceptives she is at a MUCH greater risk for developing a deep vien thrombosis (blood clot) that could be dislodged and travel to her lungs and be a pulmonary embolism or to her brain and cause a stroke. Let alone the adverse reproductive effects of women smoking like possible decreased fertility, low birth-weight babies, and an increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 

As far as men smoking, I don't think it makes them any more of a man, to me, it shows a lack of respect for the people you love and who love you by exposing them to second hand smoke.