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That's it, I quit!

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We all have enough at some point and say it's time to leave, what would make you quit your job?


And if you don't like your job, what makes you stay?



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Asalamu alaikum,


I am in the position now where I don't like the conditions at my workplace. Conditions can change as easily as getting a new manager. So, I have applied for another job for the next academic year and alhamdullilah I was accepted. Now I just have to finish out my contract and I can make a change. It benefits me in so many ways (not just financially) to finish a contract. It helps my resume and experience and it gives me wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Staying in a job or work is easy for me. I like to work and even if the conditions are bad I can still enjoy the contact I have and the benefit of seeing my students improve and become more enthusiastic about learning English. In many ways the money is secondary when you are a teacher as the main reward is seeing people benefit from being with you for a period of time.

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necessity, and the fact that without it you can go nowhere else obliges you to stay where you don't want to


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I'm only working to pay for school, after that I'm outta there!